“Accelerated Development” Album Released

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you with my latest CD Accelerated Development. Well, okay, technically the album was quietly released months ago but now that we’ve done a CD release show at the Cellar jazz club it’s officially out of the basement and available in stores/online everywhere!

The new album, which chronicles my time spent living in Shanghai, is the result of a project funded by the Canada Council For The Arts to study Chinese language, culture, and music and then to compose a collection of songs from this very inspiring experience.

My aim was to create a musical pictorial of this modern city using sampled street sounds, some Chinese percussion instruments, inspired melodies, and a great band of musicians. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and with the responses I’ve been getting from listeners, radio stations, and music critics alike. One such critic, Peter Hum (of The Ottawa Citizen) had this to say:

“I’ve found Danderfer’s disc yielding more pleasures and prompting more insights with repeated listenings. It’s consistently full of strong, provocative compositions and hearty improvising. I like too that its allusions to China are more a matter of imagination than classical or stereotypical. There’s no erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin), no arrangements of Asian folksongs as Kenny Garrett, the most celebrated of jazz’s Asiaphiles, often offers. Instead, Danderfer, who is just 30 and has recently moved back to Vancouver after two-and-a-half years in China, is being true to the Shanghai he experienced, conveying a newcomer’s sense of wonder and urgency, track after track. There’s not a dud in the bunch of them.”

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