New Website

New James Danderfer website and album

If you’re reading this posting then you’ve already seen my new site, and may I say what a site it is! Besides the addition of this news/blog page, we’ve also added a mailing list, a photo gallery (now featuring pics from the Accelerated Development band on tour and in the studio), and more music clips to listen to as well.

I’d like to take full credit for the beautiful design and artwork that made for such a captivating site but the credit all goes to my sister Megan Danderfer who created all of the paintings and the design. I will however, take credit for forcing encouraging her to put up her own site (only after mine was completed, of course) which you will be able see here now, … or if not now then very, very soon, I promise you.

And of course, it couldn’t have been accomplished without one of Vancouver’s best (and most organized) website developers Chris Hold who put it all together seamlessly and patiently kept Megan and I on track with our end of the work. Thanks also to Chang-wook Doh and Steve Mynett for some great photography.

So please visit again soon to read news updates, sign up for the mailing list, or listen to music. Incidentally, this will be my first time trying to update my news page with some degree of regularity so I guess we’ll see if I can make it worth reading too!