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The “Tribute To The Early Clarinet Masters” shows at the Cellar (Vancouver) were a success thanks to the great band I had with me and to all those people who came down to support us, (we even had some people dancing! That’s right,… at the Cellar!) so thank you all.
Working on the tribute project and studying some of this music from the 1920’s, ’30s, and ’40s has put me back in touch with the beauty and romance of this art form. ¬†As I listened to and read about the musicians of that generation (like Barney Bigard and Sidney Bechet), it was fun to picture the context, the time period, and how innovative their sounds were at the time. A time when jazz was that dangerously seductive music that parents disapproved of and young people wanted to dance to, a time before jazz was taught in schools or even allowed in concert halls. These early trail blazers of popular music were crafting there own set of rules and pushing the limits of their creativity in ways that not only expressed a wide range of human emotion but also made people want to get up and shake it!

In other words, you can expect some more tribute shows like this from me in the future.

Meanwhile, my last album (of decidedly contemporary jazz) has been receiving radio play all across America now and was recently reviewed by which starts off:

“For those who thought that the development of modern clarinet repertoire ended with the last release of Eddie Daniels, think again. James Danderfer’s Accelerated Development gives notice that new possibilities for the clarinet are on their way again. What’s more, with the nine charts that he’s written, Danderfer has also created a harmonic palette of remarkable sound that lives, breathes, and thrives.”

To read the full article click here

I think I’ll save the where/why/when of my traveling update for the next news post. For now, I’ll just say that I’m in Montreal at the moment and will be heading to New York in a few weeks before going to, um, … wherever the next place may be.

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