Extra, Extra: new news posts every Saturday!

OK, I’ve put it out there. I’ve made the commitment and now it’s time to
follow through by publishing a new post on my ‘news’ page for you 
every Saturday. I know, … I’m excited too.

The problem I face is being one part lazy and two parts thinker. So not
only do I avoid the work of writing website posts (which I actually enjoy
doing), but once I finally get around to it I end up over thinking the whole
thing so that I can’t write a single post in one go. Then, when I return to
it, … it’s already old news and I have to start all over again!

From here on out however, I’m just going to write. Sometimes it’ll be
well thought out and sometimes it won’t be, … like now for example.  
One more thing, I’m inviting anyone and everyone to reply
to my postings at james@jamesdanderfer.com  Write comments,
suggestions, … whatever. At the very least, it’ll be nice knowing that
somebody out there is reading.

Here’s my first topic of interest:  Why is it so hard to locate a good
Selmer bass clarinet at a decent price?  No matter what major music
store you call, you always get the same answer “There on back order.”  
Who’s buying all these damn things?!  And for the price of a small car!  
It’s not like there’s a lot of call for bass clarinet soloists around the
world.  So if anybody’s got any leads besides ebay and Craig’s List then
please send them my way.  Thanks.

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