Time For Me To Sing

That’s right, … I’m learning how to sing!

Vocal trainer extraordinaire, Nikolai Kolesnikov, has taken me on as a
student and I’ve gotta say, although extremely embarassing, it’s also
lots of fun! So Why singing? you ask?
Vocalists tend to have a deeper understanding of breathing, support,
resonance, and sound projection which I’m hoping I will be able to
carry over to my clarinet playing. I’ve also been interested in writing
music that uses vocals and it always helps to know something about
the instrument your writing for.
Truth be told, I started voice lessons 4 months ago but wanted to keep
it under wraps lest someone ask me to demonstrate my newfound
skills. So far, I don’t sound very good. In fact, you’d never guess
from hearing me sing that I’m a trained, professional musician at all.
Of course, whenever you get started with a new instrument you have
to expect a period of producing ugly sounds but there’s something
uniquely emasculating about hearing your voice break as you try to hit
that high note in “Oh What A Beautiful Morning!”
And so for this reason, I will not be singing in public anytime soon but
alone, with my closet door opened just wide enough to fit my head
through and croon to an assortment of t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets.

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