The Questions: Part 1

What am I going to do next with my music and where is
the best city to do it in?

This is the question which recently spurred a month long trip to
Montreal, Toronto, and New York. Perhaps it’s unwise to take
extended vacations when faced with unemployment, but hey, you can
only weigh options for so long before you gotta try something out.
So off I went to investigate some options of places I might like to be
based out of. In short, my opinions were as follows:

Montreal really is the charming city that everyone says it is; with
beautiful architecture, a convenient subway system, and several cool
little jazz clubs, it is home to a good, creative music scene.

I liked Toronto because you really feel like you’re in the centre of things,
on a National level that is. There’s a great energy to the city, and once
again the subway system makes it easy to get around. The jazz music
scene, and this is based on very limited experience, seems perhaps a
bit more conservative than Montreal but quite large and varied.

New York City is simply out of balance with every other city on Earth
when it comes to music, … and subway systems. The best of the best,
and those aspiring to be the best of the best, continue to pour into that
city every year. To me, it’s the only music scene that would warrant
picking up and leaving whatever city you have lived in all your life to
go and “make it.” The fast pace and high cost of living also make it
seem something of a large urban pressure cooker. Not the kind of
place you want to be walking around asking yourself questions like I
started this blog with. You can’t arrive in NYC and then wonder what
kind of new direction you’d like to take, I think you kind of have to hit
the ground running.

… to be continued …

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