The Questions: Part 2

Gee, wasn’t that last entry a cliff hanger?! I somehow managed not
to answer either part of my opening question, which led some readers
to believe that I in fact had no answers.

Well here goes; after visiting Montreal, Toronto, and New York City I
came to the conclusion that I could quite happily live in any one of
those cities. Musically I liked what I heard in Montreal and Toronto
but didn’t feel that it was really any better than what’s happening in
Vancouver, just different and with a few more players.

New York City’s music scene is, as I’ve mentioned, impressive enough
to warrant moving there. Personally, the idea of living in NYC was
less daunting this last time visiting, no doubt the result of three years
spent in the mega-metropolis of Shanghai. But in the end, I’m still
working on some new directions with my music and the thought of
struggling to become a gigging musician in NYC just didn’t have the
appeal for me that it used to. I don’t want to put the blinders on to
pursue just that, not yet anyways.

The result, finally, is that I’ll be staying in Vancouver for a while. I’ve
always felt a strong connection with musicians here, and I’ve found
a small group of players that I can work on some of these new
musical directions with. And, with the cost of living a BIT lower than
in NYC, I’ve got a little more time to work on my music and a little
less pressure to get a day job.

OK, I’ve gotta run now to see a lecture/performance of Indonesian
Gamelan music. I’ll write more mid-week, … maybe.

Thanks for reading!

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