A Musical Trial By Fire

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. It’s now almost 3am in
Vancouver, it’s snowing out and everything is looking quite, well …

I’ve had a long day preparing for, and later performing, two shows of a
musical called “The Drowsy Chaperone”. My friend, and very talented
clarinet/saxophonist Tom Colclough was playing this show for the last
month but then just the other day he slipped on an icy sidewalk and
broke his arm. (At least, that’s the story he’s telling. I’m sure the truth
is much more interesting.) So I was called yesterday to fill in for him
today. Playing these musicals isn’t too hard from a technical standpoint
but trying to follow along with all of the tempo changes, and vocal cues,
and switching from sax to clarinet back to sax in all of 10 seconds, …
well it’s pretty intense and without much time for a rehearsal I really
had to focus for this “trial by fire”, as they say.
Anyways, for those readers in Vancouver, I would suggest going to see
this show which is playing at the Vancouver Playhouse for another
I think I might try going out to see more live theatre shows because the
last few I’ve been to have been lots of laughs and “Drowsy Chaperone”
was no exception with a very strong cast and some fun, light music to
go along with it. It’s only running for another 10 days though so check
it out while you can!

Well, I’m awfully tired right now, (I sat in with the Tony Foster trio
tonight after my gigs too) so I’m going to get a little shut-eye. I may
try writing again this week though; but if not then Have a Merry
, or whatever it is you celebrate!

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