Merry Christmas, Cupboard Love, & The Problem With Being A Boxing Day Baby

Merry Christmas everyone! Can you still say that 2 days after
Christmas? … I don’t know, who cares? Anyways, the Danderfers are
enjoying a day of rest after 3 days of entertaining and cooking for many
a family member and friends. What really makes the holiday season
bright for us however, is my Mother’s cooking! I know, every son loves
his Mother’s cooking but, well… my Mother is special damn it!

Seriously though, I remember reading in a Nigella cookbook that the
key to preparing excellent dishes is learning how to taste, and how
a discerning palette (and lots of experience) guides one as to just
what ingredients to use and how to balance them. This ability,
combined with an affinity for learning about new dishes and styles of
cooking (and lots of love!), is what my Mother has learned and shared
with her family through the years. The result? A healthy family with
an appreciation for wonderfully prepared meals and cultivating the
desire within my Sister and I to cook for ourselves too. Thanks Mum!

Yesterday was also my birthday. Yes, I am a Boxing Day baby and no,
I didn’t get ripped off on the presents front as a child. Sure, these days
I get a fair amount of “Happy Birthmas” gifts but to be honest the only
drag about having your birthday right after the biggest day of the year
is that everybody remembers it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve
heard from a friend or girlfriend “Well, I seem to be able to remember
your birthday! How come you can’t remember mine?!”

I’ll tell you why, because you were born on one of the other 360 days of
the year that carries no particular significance whereas I was born one
day after the day that nobody on Earth could forget barring severe head
trauma! Enough with the guilt trips already!

Ahem, moving on. My birthday party was, as usual, an extension
of the Christmas celebration which means more friends and family and
another fabulous feast! And, as usual, there were many people asking
the question most often asked of me recently: “So what are you
going to do now?”

It’s like when you break your arm and everyone asks how it happened.
The first time you explain it, you tell the whole story in detail, the
second time you have to explain it you leave out some details. Pretty
soon, you’re so tired of hearing yourself explain it for the one-hundredth
time that you just leave it at a curt “Yeah, I broke it. No big whoop.”

Honestly though, it’s nice that so many people are interested enough to
bother asking. And I gotta admit, at the moment it probably doesn’t
look to anyone like I do have a plan!

So what am I doing next? I’m currently putting together two new
groups: an electro-acoustic band and a more traditional jazz group of
clarinet/piano/drums (a la Jelly Roll Morton/Barney Bigard).
The latter will perform at the Cellar on February 12th, the former will get off the the ground with a show on March 1st, venue yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, I’m just letting my fellow Vancouver musician know that
Yes I am in town and available for gigs, yes I will be staying and, yes
… I do mean it this time!

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