Production Reaching Critical Low!

Two blogs in two days, I know, I’m excited too.
Actually, I was just writing some notes down to myself and thought
Why not simply write this on my news page? After all, don’t my
devoted readers deserve it?

Of course you do.

The issue at hand is a lack of artistic output, simply put, I just haven’t
been writing much music of late and it’s starting to really bother me.

It all started after I recorded the last album, Accelerated Development.
Thanks to Shanghai, I had the inspiration to write music and thanks to
the Canada Council For The Arts I had the pressure momentum and support to do so. Much like with my first CD however, I didn’t have my
“end game” worked out. I didn’t have a plan for how to get the music
out there, how to generate interest; in other words I had no plan to
tour/sell the album. After countless hours of work in producing the CD,
it was launched, sent out for reviews and radio play (it got a bit of both
thankfully) and now I’m looking at about 600 copies left (I printed 1000)
which are just sitting in the closet.

This got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I needed a “bigger
picture” plan before producing another album because, at this rate, I
can’t really afford to put out another album unless I want to eat Kraft
Dinner day and night for the next two years. Okay, so now I’ve got
thoughts perpetually racing through my mind like What size should the
next group be? How do I book a tour? How do I get people to come
see me when I am on tour? What kind of music will audiences enjoy
most? How do I appeal to a larger audience without compromising my
music? Do people even buy CDs anymore? What’s the “new music
sales model?” Should I start my own label? What would Radiohead do?
Why am I asking what Radiohead would do? Is there a market for what
I do? Now I’ve forgotten, … what do I do anyways?!

… and on, and on, and on.

I’m a thinker, always have been. It’s got its ups and downs but
sometimes I just flat out hamstring myself by thinking about too many
things and, as a result, I don’t really take any decisive action.

Well, I’m tired of it.

As relevant as all of the above questions may be, I have to put them
aside and start writing music again. I love writing songs, it fills a
creative need for me which perfectly compliments the playing side of

So for my initial step, I’m going to take some advice I received recently:
“It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if you want to succeed at
something you’ve got to invest at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at
it.” So as of today, Dec 1st, I’m going to give this a shot. I’m going to
set aside the time for composing, along with practicing of course, and
just see what direction it takes me. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading.

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