The Week In Review

Well, the 8 hours a day thing started off well. Yes, day one was a
gloriously fruitful day with several new tunes penned (or at least
beginnings thereof) and much practicing achieved, I even practiced
some piano again! Then, as always happens after I “turn a new leaf”,
the whole thing fell apart on day two! A combination of bad planning
and many forgotten errands/commitments led to the unraveling of my
new work ethic. Days three and four were much the same with a strong
finish on Friday, 7 hours I think.

Nevertheless, the 8 hours a day thing is a good, clear goal to keep in
mind from day to day because it helps to simplify things. Being a
freelance musician/composer is much like running a one-man small
business: there’s always lots to do, there’s nobody else to delegate
work to, and no “boss” to oversee the organization of the whole thing.
For me, planning my day the night before is key, otherwise it’s easy to
get caught up with everything I could/should be doing. With the
8 hours a day goal in mind, as long as I stick to my self-assigned
schedule, I know I’m doing all I can and that helps to relax and just get
the work done.

And what kind of work does that entail for me you ask? Right now,
that includes: practicing clarinet (scales, etudes, Barney Bigard
transcriptions, improvising, learning standards), flute (tone excercises
mostly), voice (basics), piano (voicings, Bach 2-part inventions),
composing jazz tunes, learning a new computer program called LOGIC
in order to compose more electronic music, organizing future concerts,
and promoting my last album.

So as you can see, there’s lots to do. Anyways, I’ll try to write
another, less boring news entry mid-week.

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