2009 … BRING, IT, ON!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I’m sure you all rang in the
new year in style! Yes, I hope you started off the year of global economic downturn with some gaiety, perhaps some hoopin’ and hollerin’, and of course, plenty of heavy drinking! They say you should bring in the new year as you intend to continue it, so if my New Years Eve was any indication then I will hopefully be spending 2009 with a glass of red wine or champagne in my hand at all times, listening to Gnarles Barkely and playing an occasional rousing game of “Sponge Bob Square Pants” while people around me discuss the plummeting Dow and the likelyhood of losing their jobs in the coming year.
Sounds good to me!

Of course, there’s more to New Years Eve than just debauchery celebrating, … there are resolutions to make! Perhaps, like me, you thought you had put an end to all this business five years ago with the final resolution to stop lying to yourself, but listen up all you doubters, there might actually be something to this ritual which dates back to early Roman times. In this NPR interview with clinical psychologist John Norcross, he explains how statistically speaking about 40-46% of people who make New Years resolutions actually make good on them whereas those who desire change but don’t make a resolution have only a 0-4% chance of seeing change. That means you are 10 times more likely to make effective (and hopefully positive) changes in your life if you design a resolution. So who cares if it’s January 3rd already?! Let’s get our resolutions on ya’ll!

Here are some of mine for ’09 and you can hold me to them! :

1. I resolve to write lots of new songs this year, making sure to schedule composing time every morning.

2. I resolve to be more “action-oriented” towards organizing gigs in order to perform all these new songs for you, the people. (Oh, and I resolve to actually let you, the people know about these gigs ahead of time.)

3. I resolve to read more this year, in particular some of the many classic novels I’m embarrassed to tell people I’m not familiar with.

4. I resolve to be true to myself and my artistic direction and to not worry about what others think.

5. I resolve to make a greater contribution to the city/community I live in.

6. I resolve to find some fun ways to get back on track with my regular Mandarin studies.

Hey, … that wasn’t so hard after all. And now that they’re up on my news page for everyone to read I’m going to feel like a complete ass if I don’t follow through with them. Perfect!

Please stay tuned, next week I’ll let you know how preparations are going for my February 12th gig at the Cellar. Also, the electro-acoustic band’s debut show will not be March 1st but somewhere around April 1st. And that’s not a postponement, really, … I just got the months mixed up. I’ll let you know when the exact date will be for that show asap.

All the best with your resolutions everyone!

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