It’s GO TIME For Feb 12th Gig and How I’m Making Good On Some Resolutions

If you’ve sent me an email this week and wondered how I was able to reply in seconds flat every time, it’s because I’ve been perched in front of my laptop for hours a day trying to finish charts for my upcoming gig at the Cellar (February 12) and emails are a welcome distraction.

Several months ago I was given a newspaper article on how to avoid last minute pressure situations in the workplace. They labeled these situations “fires” and explained how simple measures could be taken so that you’re business doesn’t simply revolve around “putting out one fire after another.” Things like: Answering emails right away, setting clear deadlines for projects, breaking down large tasks into smaller ones, delegating some jobs to other employees. etc, etc.

Clearly, I didn’t read the damn thing very carefully since I’ve been running around like a fool with a clarinet in one hand and an extinguisher in the other for the last few months. Take for example, my February 12th gig which was scheduled months ago, yet somehow I didn’t have time to work on charts until a week beforehand! But I didn’t, honest! At least, it didn’t seem like I had time. Because before this it was crunch time to finish the Shanghai Expo submission, and before that I was racing against the clock to get my Graduate studies application together. Admittedly, I put things off until the pressure’s on to do them but that’s because I’ve got a lot of work to do as a musician. You know, music related things like practicing my clarinet to get better at it or composing music for another recording, etc. …

…Oh for the love of God, what the hell am I talking about?

I hate it when I get half way through defending myself and I start to realize just how stupid my own argument is. It usually happens a split second before the person listening gets that confused/doubtful look on their face. At that point, in hopes that conviction will trump logic I’ll usually just end my rant quickly with a frustrated:
“Oh, … I don’t know! Ya know what I mean?!”

Clearly, you just need to plan ahead James. It’s not rocket science, just plan ahead, break projects down into smaller tasks and balance that with your daily practice routine. In fact, I’m going to make that #7 on my 2009 list of resolutions.

Speaking of resolutions, I’m making good on two of mine (out of 6, well… now 7). I’m reading a classic novel “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand (that’s reso #3), and I donated blood recently (that’s reso #5). And might I add, to anyone thinking about donating blood, that’s it quite quick and virtually painless to do. I went to the Oak Street clinic where the staff were all very considerate, the whole process took just over an hour (only 10 minutes of that is actually giving blood), and the peach juice was delicious! I’m going back there April 3rd at noon for anyone who wants to join me, just call 604-879-6001 to schedule an appointment or visit here for more information.

For anyone who’s actually read this far, I apologize for the scattered news entry, I’d go back and rewrite it but I’m sitting here with lots of music to write out for February 12th. A task made ever so dramatic and drawn out by a raging head cold with blinding sinus pressure and consequently tears streaming down my face as I create charts on my laptop.

Have to,… finish … charts. Must, … figure out, … what, … Teddy Wilson is … playing, … in … bar … 13!!

Come see my show at The Cellar this Thursday if you’re in Vancouver!

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