Vote For Me! Vote For Me!

I’m writing my “Saturday Morning News Post” on a Wednesday for a very important reason. Yours truly has been nominated for “Best Jazz Clarinetist” by the National Jazz Awards. And do you know how the winners are chosen? … BY YOU! That’s right, you can decide my fate no matter what country you’re voting from! So what will it be? Will I toil for yet another year in complete obscurity or will I be propelled to the heights of Canadian Jazz Clarinet-dom? It’s in your hands, go ahead, drink it in, you are now the master of my destiny.

Okay, now get off your high horse of ascendancy and go vote already! You can do so on-line by visiting and clicking on the red “2009 voting booth” button or just click here to go straight to the booth. Oh, and one more thing, … you must answer all the questions in order for your vote to count but don’t worry, the “None of the above” option will work if you just want to speed through it. Now for the love of God, spread the word and let’s get me on the fast-track to a substantially more impressive resume!

For those of you who’d like to take the time and vote for all categories but don’t know who to support, here’s “James’ 2009 National Jazz Award Picks” (Picks are based on musicianship and amount of recent artistic output, I’ve tried to attach links to every pick so you can check them out for yourselves too.)

Drummer of the Year: Joel Haynes

Bassist of the Year: Jodi Proznick

Guitarist of the Year: Bill Coon

Pianist of the Year: David Braid

Trombonist of the Year: William Carn

Trumpeter of the Year: Brad Turner

Saxophonist of the Year: Quinsin Nachoff

Clarinetist of the Year: YOURS TRULY, … I THINK YOU KNOW WHO!

Violinist of the Year: Hugh Marsh

Instrumentalist of the Year: Ross Taggart

Female Vocalist of the Year: Emilie-Claire Barlow
Male Vocalist of the Year: Denzal Sinclaire

Arranger of the Year: Don Thompson

SOCAN Composer of the Year: David Braid

Acoustic Band of the Year: The Brad Turner Quartet

Electronic Band of the Year: The Inhabitants

Jazz Label of the Year: Cellar Live

Jazz Recording of the Year: Joel Haynes: Transitions

Jazz Musician of the Year: Don Thompson

Latin Jazz Artist of the Year: Hilario Duran

Broadcaster of the Year: Katie Malloch

Jazz Festival of the Year: Vancouver

Journalist of the Year: Peter Humm

Producer of the Year: Cory Weeds

Jazz Photographer of the Year: Steve Mynett would have been my choice, but he’s not listed.

Big Band of the Year: Rob McConnell’s Boss Brass

Have a great week everyone!

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