Update: CDs, Singing Lessons, and Krav test

Hello everyone! I’m going to infer by the lack of reader response that “The Death of CDs” is kind of a passe topic that people have accepted and are grudgingly getting used to.
Yes James, the CD is on it’s way out as sales have been falling fast for 6 years now while downloads, both legal and otherwise, have been rising. So nice that you, a professional musician, are finally coming to terms with this in 2009!

Some people however, (especially of my parents generation) are more grudgingly accepting than others and almost everyone I talked to said they’d prefer to take a CD home after a good show rather than a download card. Not to mention radio people and club owners who are too lazy busy to download your music for free off of a site, nope, apparently it’s got to be in their hands (and looking professional of course) for them to even bother with.

The result? I’ll still produce CDs for the next year or so but meanwhile, late at night, when everyone’s gone to sleep, I’ll steal off to my laboratory to scheme away as to what the new package (referred to here) will be. And once I’ve figured it out, it will be so devilishly enticing that you will buy it. Oh yes, you’ll buy it, you’ll have no choice but to!

Moving on. I’m still enjoying my voice lessons and my Krav Maga self-defense classes. People ask me if Krav classes are fun? … No, not really. It’s exhausting, humbling, and interesting but at no point in a class do I think to myself “This is sooo fun, I’m going to kick-ass now!” In fact, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from 3 months of classes, it’s this: I really shouldn’t get into a fight. The way I see it, all of the defense moves we learn in class probably aren’t worth much until they’ve become second nature, and therefore fast and dependable under pressure. It’s very similar to practicing a musical instrument, if you want the technique to be there when you’re under pressure it’s got to be so well-rehearsed and instinctive that the body just knows what to do by itself. Otherwise you’ll likely just fall back on the tried and true “scream and bitch-slap” technique (I’m referring to self-defense of course, … I hardly ever do that on the band-stand anymore). Anyways, my first Krav test is later today so we’ll see how I do.

As for my voice lessons, that is fun and it’s also good practice for learning to laugh at myself. Although I never thought singing would be easy, I must admit it’s harder than I expected. Yes, I am getting better at it but no, you will not hear me singing in public anytime soon.

Once a week I’ll have a voice lesson and krav class on the same day. Now that’s some funny shit, finishing a class on beating attackers into bloody submission and then running off to a voice lesson, singing show tunes while my old Russian teacher shouts at me to “Dance! Dance! Emote!”
What a life.

See you next week!

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