I’d Love It if a Plan Came Together! …

This weeks Saturday Morning News Post is going to be a short one folks. It’s very late on a Friday night and I left this to the last minute, … what a surprise.

So I’m going to pose a question to all 8 of my readers out there: Why are we so good at avoiding making a personal plan for ourselves? Whether you have a steady job or not, but especially if you’re some kind of “free agent” artiste, there’s some part of your life that requires planning. If you work for a company then congratulations, most of your career planning is done for you, at least the day to day stuff is kind of mapped out with deadlines, projectives, etc, etc. But there’s still other parts of life that you’d like to see turn out a certain way, and that certain way would be a lot more likely to come to fruition if you planned for it in some way. No?

As you’ve probably figured out, I’m struggling with this a bit. Recently, the importance of planning and creating goals for yourself has really been hit over my head a lot; books, friends, family, etc. I’ve even found myself preaching the importance of developing a plan to other talented, hard-working friends, yet ask me today exactly where I want to be in 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years and you’ll hear a lot of humming and hawing.

WHY? Why is it so difficult? I mean we all think about ourselves a lot, … I mean, A LOT. Most of all us are looking for more in life, whether it be a better job, more comfort, more money, more happiness, etc; and we think about it a lot. So why do we allow ourselves to be distracted from planning these things, writing it out on paper, you know … really solidifying our path?

I met with Mark Busse last week of Industrial Brand fame to ask him for some ideas and direction in terms of how to develop more of a music career, as opposed to the music past-time I’ve got in full-swing right now. He had many great ideas to share, and many things to chastise me about (he actually hit me when I said I didn’t know what the main jazz website in Canada was!) but one of his suggestions was to develop a 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year plan.

But as important as I realized that was to do, … I still managed to avoid it! … Until now. This week is “plan week”, so if you have any suggestions as to how to go about organizing ones life, how to set goals, or hypotheses as to why human beings try to avoid such business then please send it in and I’ll post all the ideas next week. Meanwhile, I’ll get to planning myself so that I can share my new directions with you all next month.

All the best, and good night!!

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