An Unproductive Week

Welcome to this edition of the Saturday Morning News Post everyone! I thought I’d have the final results of my artistic plan for you today but I don’t. As the above title would suggest, this hasn’t been a very productive week. This has been a running around dealing with shit week, like my laptop for example which broke down many times (thanks to Mark Busse for bringing it back from the dead), and then my audio interface, and then my microphone cable, etc, etc. Big pain in the ass.

Of course, I did spend some time on developing a plan, but that too was unproductive. Really, it just involved me getting up at the crack of 10, lounging in my robe with a cup of coffee, and staring at my big dry erase board for several hours thinking How should I adjust these conflicting objectives? Are they really in conflict or is it actually possible to have it all and I’m just being a negative Nancy?… Hmm, is it bad to be sitting around in your dressing gown at 2pm on a “workday”?

And so, as I stared holes into the dry erase board like it was some kind of optical illusion poster about to reveal a magical image, the same old question arises “How can I do what I want to do AND live how I want to live?” Because if this plan of mine is to lay out an “ideal” situation to work towards then let’s be honest, that ideal involves me making some awfully sweet coin! … well, “sweet” by jazz musician standards anyways.

To be fair, writing out objectives did help simplify things a bit and rule out some ideas. The two things slowing me down were:

1. A lack of understanding about some of the new directions I want to pursue.
2. Looking for a fool proof plan, or in other words, a low risk plan.

The first point is pretty easy to solve, I just need to talk with some people that know more than I do. The second point is deceptively easy as well. You see, I’m looking at my list of things I’d like to do that could potentially get me on track to earning a living, BUT with each one I’m thinking Well, gee, that might be a success but it could just as easily fail and push me further into the poorhouse.

And then I remembered something … I’m a freakin’ jazz musician for Christ sakes!! It’s ALL risky!

So there you go, another lesson learned: Don’t expect an artistic plan to reduce your risk. Hell, a well defined, ambitious plan could very well increase your risk! But at least it gets you on track to playing a bigger, more exciting game. And the good Lord hates a coward, right?

Livin’ on the edge baby! Yeah!

I might post my progress mid-week, we’ll see. Thanks for reading.

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