Farewell To Michael Jackson, Vancouver Jazz Festival Starts With Volume Knobs Cranked.

This is going to be a short Saturday Morning News post since I have to run off to a rehearsal for my show at the Cellar tonight (which is going to be a fun show so tell a friend and come on down!) First of all, I have to mention Michael Jackson’s passing and that I’m genuinely sad that I won’t have a chance to see him in concert again. Okay, so it’d be a stretch to say his music influenced the way I play clarinet but MJ, believe it or not, was one of my earliest musical inspirations. I remember my Dad bringing home the “BAD” record when I was 10 yrs old and MAN did I love that record! Nothing made me feel like dancing like those early Michael Jackson records (in fact, that’s still true… only now you have to get a few stiff drinks in me before I’ll dance).

In other news the Jazz Festival has begun in Vancouver. I saw David Sanborn last night and then King Suny Ade, both good shows. My only complaint, and I say this at the risk of becoming known as “Old Man Danderfer,” was how goddamn loud both shows were! So a word to the wise, bring some ear plugs if you’ve got them because, if you’re ears are a bit sensitive, that might make all the difference in enjoying the show.

Gotta run, I may try and post some more show reviews during the festival but, as usual, I’m not going to commit to that!

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