Hello, good morning afternoon, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post. Things are a bit crazy these days as I’m preparing for the August 7/8 shows at The Cellar (Vancouver) with my New Orleans inspired B3 Organ Group and I’m trying to write inspired music for a totally different project (the electro-acoustic thing) as fast as humanly possible so that I’m ready for a studio recording in mid-August.

Some of these new tunes have lyrics, er… will have lyrics, if I can finish them in time. I’ve often been told that writing lyrics is hard but now that I’ve tried my hand at it I know writing lyrics is hard!

Instrumentalists like myself will occasionally revel in the fact that the abstract nature of purely instrumental music allows for a greater range of expression, you know, the “Universal Language” and all that. Well I’m going to stand by that reveling but I will also say this: You don’t have to commit to a songs message nearly as much as when you’ve got lyrics to deal with.

Normally I’ll write a song and to me it projects a feeling, or a range of feelings, or perhaps an image which also conjures up some sort of emotion. Later, if it gets performed, I can express this abstract idea or image to an audience. But with lyrics?! Man, you’re really putting yourself out there! With lyrics I actually have to stand back and say What exactly is this song about? What am I trying to share with these words? And,… do I really want to share this?

And yes, the idea is I’ll try singing these songs myself. Now, for those of you who only know me professionally as a trail blazing jazz clarinetist, this whole singing danceable tunes may come as a surprise; but let me assure you that to those who know me well,… it’s absolutely ludicrous!

What can I say? I need to put a lot of pressure on myself in order to get anything done, and… I like to surprise!

Anyways, if I can finish these songs in time, and if the lyrics aren’t too trite, and if I’m actually able to sing them, then you’ll be hearing it some time within the next 6 months. Obviously, I’m not going to suggest you get your hopes up too high.

Gotta go back to work now but have a great week everyone!

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