New Orleans Inspired Party August 7/8, Giving Blood, and the Problems of an Over-simplified Plan.

Hello, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post. Yes, this news post is late again but I have a good reason this time,… I was donating blood. OK? If you haven’t donated recently, I’d encourage you to do so, it’s a painless simple process that takes around 30-60 minutes (only 5-10 minutes of that is actual donating) and, if you’re like me, you might just feel a small weight lifted (about 24 ounces actually) from your conscience as you willingly do something to give back to your community. (For Canadians the # to call is 1-888-2 DONATE). As they say “It’s In You To Give!”… and the peach juice is delicious.

Moving on, as I get off my high horse, you will see my promo poster pictured above for my upcoming shows at The Cellar in two weeks time. And yes, I know the above picture is too big for this news page but I refuse to spend any more time creating/adjusting this stupid little poster! As it is, I spent hours fumbling my way through this on-line program to finish it, just one of many unforeseen tasks that pop up when time starts pressing on an oversimplified plan.

That’s right my “plan” is in its infant stages right now. It’s the infant that has just sort of learned to walk, sees a chocolate chip cookie on the other side of the room and proceeds to blindly stumble on or knock over everything in its path in pursuit of the cookie. That’s me, walking blindly,… in pursuit of a cookie.

But back to the Cellar shows, it’s going to be a really fun time. I know it’s going to be fun because I’m taking some of the most jubilant music ever, New Orleans Brass Band music, and arranging it for a group that includes B3 organ, one of the funkiest instruments ever,… right after the clarinet that is. Finally, add to that some special guest musicians, great food and lots of drinks and presto… “a really fun time!”

Seriously though,… lots of drinks.

In fact, I’m going to see if I can get the Cellar bartender to mix one or two of my favourite Nawlins cocktails.

In the meantime, I gotta get back to writing more music. So have a great week everyone!

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