Public Decries Missed SMNP, 1st Draft of Artistic Plan, Vancouver Jazz Fest Comes To An End, BIG SHOW Coming up August 7/8.

I‘m back on the News everyone! My apologies to all of my readers for last weeks omission. I didn’t think I’d be so sorely missed after just two weeks but your voices were heard,… as Shauna from Edmonton writes:

“Whatever has become of the Saturday morning news? Are you so ardently involved in plan-making you can’t spare a moment to keep your adoring public abreast? We are not eternally patient. The world is full of many wonders–jazzificent and otherwise.”

First of all, I’m flattered by your email. Secondly, I just looked up “jazzificent” and it isn’t even a word, but it is pretty catchy so I hereby copyright it. As for the Artistic Planning, yes, I have been working on it ardently and I’m pleased to say the 1st draft of my plan is complete!

Included in this 1st draft though are notes to myself regarding “gaps” in my knowledge and who I need to talk to in order to make the plan as clear as possible. For example, starting my own record label is part of my vision but I’m not sure when’s the right time to make that move (if at all) so I have a short list of people to talk to.

And guess what? The clearer my plan becomes the more I realize just how much work needs to be done, and fast! Therefore July will see me busier than ever working on my electro-acoustic project which I hope to record next month. Of course, the only problem is it doesn’t pay anything… yet! But mark my words, this project is going to catapult me into the poorhouse jazz clarinet stardom faster than a rocket on a luge!

On that note, let me plug my next big show: AUGUST 7 & 8 @ The Cellar with JAMES DANDERFER’S BRAND NEW BAND.

“Recently nominated “Best Jazz Clarinetist” in the National Jazz Awards, James Danderfer has a Brand New Band which combines jubilant New Orleans sounds and soulful B-3 organ with Danderfer’s uniquely melodic original compositions. Enjoy an evening of lush sounds and toe tapping melodies as James and his Brand New Band explore new ways to combine classic and contemporary styles of jazz.”

featuring CHRIS GESTRIN hammond B3 organ, CHRIS DAVIS trumpet, ROD MURRAY trombone, JOE POOLE drums, JACK DUNCAN percussion, and ME clarinet/bass clarinet/EWI.

That’s right, I said it… E to the W to the I y’all! Am I ready to perform on this new instrument of mine?… absolutely not! But as a friend once told me, “If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never do it.” Besides, whether I succeed or fall flat on my face you won’t want to miss it, will you? So tell a friend and come on down!

In other news, yet another chapter closes on the Vancouver Jazz Festival and I for one think that the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society did a great job putting it all together. I heard a lot of complaints about this years online festival guide (vs. the old booklet of info they used to print every year) but I thought it worked pretty well once you got used to it. Sure there were some minor oversights such as not listing my name under “clarinet” in the “search by instrument” function,… WTF!? show-times not being a little more evident, but hey, this was their first year doing an online thing and kudos to them for trying to save money trees.

Alright everyone, thanks for reading and have a great week!

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