Crash And Burn On The EWI Saturday, Running Out Of Time Before Recording

Hello, good afternoon, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Thanks to all those who came down to my show last Saturday at The Cellar, both nights were sold out and the band had a blast, em… except for a few minor setbacks.

As many of you know, I chose to debut my recently purchased EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) last weekend. A bold move, if I do say so myself, seeing as how I’d never played it with any other musicians before, let alone in performance. But as someone once said to me, “If you wait until you’re ready, it’ll never happen” , well, I’d like to beat bitch-slap thank them for those encouraging words because, if nothing else, it has made life a little more exciting.

Everything “worked” on Friday, but on Saturday… ooohh on Saturday.

I counted in the tune, the rhythm section started grooving away, then I not so discreetly put down my clarinet and pulled out the EWI. There were some perplexed looks out in the audience, there were some excited looks too.

I then proceeded to flash a stupid grin that said “Do you see what I’ve got here? This, right here, is going to blow your mind. Are ready for this?… NO, NO, you ain’t ready for this!” … But it’s comin’ at you anyways!”

The horns came in, and I started blowing that thing! Only,… no sound was coming out. :(

I looked down to make sure the power was on, tried it again, no luck, put it down, walked off stage to see if the soundboard was on, it was, I got back on stage, still no sound, proceeded to study the settings of my EWI like I was examining the results of a futuristic breathalyzer test. Meanwhile, the band is still vamping! Put down the EWI, played the part on clarinet, soloed on clarinet, trumpet soloed, then I look down to see that my cord has come unplugged, pushed it in, and then finally soloed on my goddamned EWI.

Thankfully, I can laugh at myself in public because there is absolutely no way to look cool after something like that happens. A few of my “friends” in the audience came up to me later to say “YEARS!… I’m going to harass you about this FOR YEARS!”
… and they will too.

Moving on, I’ve got a recording coming up very soon at Chris Gestrin‘s studio. 4 days in the studio starting on August 19th to be exact.

I think, I might be,… wait,… yes, I am definitely a bit apprehensive about this recording venture. I feel like a meter maid being sent in to lead a major drug bust armed with nothing more than a clipboard and a sack of quarters. In other words, not so prepared!

Yes, I am a firm believer in setting goals. And yes, there’s no goal like a recording session because you gotta set the date, book everyone, and put your money down! And, since I’m moving to Montreal soon, I had to set an extremely ambitious deadline, knowing full well what I didn’t know.

Like how to use LOGIC software, or how to sing, or how to write lyrics to sing, or how to create “electro-acoustic jazz” at all for that matter.

Some people would say I’m trying to do a little too much here, in fact, several colleagues have suggested I check in to a mental hospital, but really, I’m just tired of waiting.

OK, I’m out. Gotta get back to work. Thanks for reading and tune in next week to find out what happened in the recording studio!

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