Montreal’s Cool(…no, really), The Fight Is On To Protect My Time, Can’t Buy An iPhone, First Impressions Of Montreal, Giving Up On Cell Phones Altogether

Welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post! This post is really a post within a post.

All that means is I wrote a very bitchy post last night after not sleeping much for days, and I was going to just leave it that but then,… I got a good nights sleep. And then I went for a walk this morning with my roommate around my area, which is Little Italy (in Montreal). And I gotta say, the combination of sleep (thanks to my new duck down duvet!), Italian cafes, and French food markets did cheer me up quite a bit.

School hasn’t started yet, but all the paperwork of registering (and trying to avoid unnecessary prerequisite classes) has begun and it’s tiresome, as you’d expect.

I’m really looking forward to writing tonnes of music this year at McGill and to regular performances with the other students here. And, not to brag too much (because I was very honoured by this), but McGill did give me a full scholarship so I also feel like I owe them a lot of hard work and great music.

However,… at the same time I feel like I have to be aggressive in protecting my time from University requirements in order to do this work. They want me to sign up for a full load of classes and even do undergrad prerequisite classes,… which I respect, BUT I just need time to work, not time to jump through hoops.

I’m not saying I know it all, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t learn from any undergrad class I took here but just let me dive in and learn by doing it already!

Anyways, I was expecting this, and I don’t blame anyone in particular, it’s just “the system” that I’ve got to fight, just a little bit, in order to give my best back to the music program here. …Funny how that works.

Sooo,… I tried to replace my bitchy rant from last night with something more positive but then read my email 10 minutes ago informing me I’d have to take undergrad prerequisite courses, and here I am,… bitching again!

Nothing to fear though, because I will not abandon my plan for the sake of a Masters degree in music. If I can’t do what I need to do,… I can always just leave.

But I’m sure that won’t be necessary. :)

And speaking of planning, I’ve got some more thoughts to share with you all next week. That’s right, I continue in my belief that It’s all about the plan!

I’ve decided to include last nights rant for anyone who wants to read it. It’s not particularly clever or anything.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post! (In fact, it’s Friday night as I write this post,… in hopes that I’ll actually get it posted on Saturday morning for once.)

It’s been an exciting week for this ol’ jazz clarinetist as I have relocated to Montreal, Quebec!

So how do I like Montreal so far?

I like it just fine. It’s charming. There’s a lot of French spoken, there are a lot more black people than in Vancouver (I think you’d have to go to Utah to find any fewer), and there are lots of charming, old buildings all over the place. I see more people smoking on the street and more people concerned with fashionable dress.

So yeah, it’s good.

I don’t know. When you’re flat broke, every city starts to look the same. Maybe not “the same” exactly, but it definitely levels the playing field of how “amazing” any given city is.

Every city has its attractions. For example, if you tell people you’re going to New York they may say “Oh, you’ve got to see a Yankees game!” or “Go see all the best jazz clubs in the world in NYC.” If it’s London, then “Oh, you’ve got to go to the West End and take in some theatre!” “Go ride the ‘London Eye’.” But when you’re broke, none of those option are really on the menu.

Again, when friends heard I was moving to Montreal, they told me “You’re going to the land of amazing restaurants! The food is sooo good in Montreal!”

Oh really? Yeah, you know what? My canned tuna and wonderbread lunch did have a certain je ne sais quoi. And let me tell you, you’ve got to try the Skippy peanut butter and toast here, it’s to die for!

Yeah, thanks. You just go and enjoy your vacations and actually see shit, while I travel around the world as a jazz clarinet hobo practicing how to survive without ever actually holding down a job. That’s just how I role, skirting the poverty line around the world! Livin’ on the edge baby! YEAH!

Alright…em, I am perhaps a bit cranky today. I haven’t had a good nights sleep yet, I don’t know, I’m a bit jet lagged, plus there is a team of bricklayers cutting bricks and banging on the walls every morning, plus just stupid shit like a random alarm clock going off for 1 hour somewhere close to my bedroom at 5am, or my roomate dropping a pint glass right outside my door at 3am. Last night, I kept waking up every half hour because I was so goddamn cold!

That’s another thing, I thought summer would last until the end of September. I even bought two cool pairs of shorts so that I could look appropriately Summery for once.

But NO. I arrived in Montreal at 7pm, August 25th, enjoyed 2 hours of Summer at then at 9pm,… bye-bye! Pack up your those shorts you didn’t get to wear and put on your light sweater!

So anyways, yes, last night I realized that my solitary bed sheet was not going to last another night. That’s a special feeling isn’t it? Waking up from the cold throughout the night? Not cold enough to cause serious panic and actually wake you up but just cold enough to pull you half way into consciousness as you slowly fumble about like an idiot to find a more effective way to wrap yourself in a single fucking bed sheet.

Anyways, that was my main task today: to go to the Bay and purchase a duck down duvet,… and duvet cover. Why duck down? Because, it’s cheaper than regular down (from geese?). [OK, yes, if I was completely flat broke I would have bought the cheapest synthetic duvet which makes you sweat at night. Thankfully, I’ve still got some credit left with which to protect my privileged standards of living.]

Speaking of shopping, I was looking for a cell phone yesterday. I don’t really care for cell phones to be honest, but if I’m going to have one then I’d rather pay a little extra and buy a phone that does lots of other shit. Enter, the iphone.

Now, as my friends know, I’ve got a long history of waiting for the iphone to come out and not buying it. Despite years of family and friends telling me how great their ipod was, I never bought one because the day I saw an iphone for the first time I thought “That’s silly, Apple is going to just going to make a phone/ipod one day soon and render both ipods and standard cell phones obsolete. So why buy either now?

For years I waited. When it finally came out I was living in China and couldn’t use it anyways. Ever since then I’ve been either too broke or moving around too much to commit to a 3 year plan of any sort.

But yesterday, I was ready to take the plunge into deeper debt so I could have this over-hyped necessary toy tool on my person at all times. And guess what?

Fido/Rogers doesn’t have any! … none. They’re sold out. They won’t even put your name on a waiting list. You can’t call the store either, you’d literally have to go to the Montreal flagship store every morning and check to see if they’ve got any more. And apparently, some people are actually doing this!!

Well, fuck F#$% Rogers! You know what else, I’m done with cellphones.

There, I said it, in bold print no less,… which means I really mean it!

The day I got to Montreal somebody said to me “You better get yourself a cell phone. Yeah, they’re expensive but unfortunately, they’re a necessity.”

Really? That’s funny, I thought the human race managed without them for some time. But I guess everyone before 1983 just wandered around in nomadic tribes, lost in an uncommunicative, desolate land of merely international postal service, fax machines, and FIXED PHONES. I mean can you even imagine such a dark time in history?!

We’re getting roped in here people! It’s like the banks, and the drug companies aren’t controlling our lives enough. Now communications companies have us wanting more shit WE DON’T NEED!!

OK, you know what? I’m tapping out of this News Post now. I think that was enough bitching.
… Montreal’s cool.

Have a great week everyone!

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