Extensive Interview, Talkin’ French, and How To Give Your Artistic Plan Daily Momentum

Hello, good morning, et bienvenue a le Saturday Morning News Post!

First order of business, if the ol’ SMNP isn’t enough insight into the life of this “International Jazz Clarinetist of Mystery” then click here to read a recent interview of yours truly on VancouverJazz.com. I was interviewed by writer, blogger, columnist, Guy MacPherson. Guy has a wealth of knowledge about everything from music and comedy to sports, to…em,… the ABC-TV series “The Bachelor” (click here, here, here, and here to see his blogs) which made for a great interview with interesting questions. And, I discovered that I’m quite happy to talk about myself for hours on end. Who knew?

Second of all, this was an exciting week for two reasons:
1. I threw myself to the mercy of the jazz faculty successfully argued my case against taking probably quite useful unnecessary undergrad prerequesite courses.

2. I had to pull out my French for the first time in a looong time, in a Subway sandwich shop no less! And I gotta say, it was pretty damn eloquent as the first French phrase to come out of my mouth was…

“I would like a 12-inch cold cut combo please.”

I felt so sophisticated!

Moving on, I mentioned last week that I had some more things to say about Artistic Planning (you can read other posts on the subject here, or here), it’s kind of a side bar to planning, it’s about a little thing that helps to set your plan in motion from day to day.

But first, let me tell you about my week.

Readers, I had the blues this week. I had the “moving to a new town, disconnected, loss of community, loss of career momentum, caught up in a whirlwind of racing thoughts” kind of blues.

It happens occasionally. Actually, it happens every time I move someplace new but I just forgot because it’s been awhile since my last major move,… guess I’m rusty.

Anyways, after a few days of the blues I caught myself. I caught myself and decided to just “ride out” the 1st month, you know, expect things to be unfamiliar and a bit slow for the 1st month until I get into the scene of Montreal.

Then I caught myself again, and consulted the plan.

Oddly enough, nowhere in my 1-2 year plan were the words “coast for 1 month.” No sir, just lots of ambitious goals which clarified the point that I’ve got to get the momentum going again, like,… now!

Of course, as beautiful to behold as my written plan may be, just reading it isn’t going to put my mind at ease, I’ve got to actually do something! What really helps to put my mind at ease and get things moving is,… wait for it,… (drum roll please)…

A To Do List!

Okay,…perhaps a little anti-climactic.

Writing “to do” lists and the process of planning go hand in hand of course. After all the time spent designing your plan (which is exciting and daunting), and breaking the plan down into general time lines, we need to have our daily “wins” as we pursue our chosen direction. Writing a to do list is the most basic, concrete goal setting one can do and therefore it feels good, because you can see your achievements pretty clearly from day to day. It’s turning wildly ambitious career plans into little achievable steps.

So I wrote a “to do” list for the 1st month (I’m already one week into it of course) and another “to do” list for the next day, and I’ve been writing them for every day since. It’s great, I’m setting goals again, that gives me momentum and clear direction, and that, my friends can help chase away those blues!

Is this the simplest tiered system of time organizing? Absolutely!
Am I telling you anything new here? Probably not!

However, simple ideas like these bare repeating now and again, if nothing else they may remind you that ambitious plans are somewhat overwhelming for us all, so use any little “tricks” you can to make the process less anxious and more fun. Just try it! Try it every day for a week and see if it doesn’t help you to get more done.

See? How do you like that? Here I am, opening up to my readers with a little sincerity. I’m not always “Mr. Angry Pants” after all!


Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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