Calling All Readers! What Would YOU Like To See?

Hello, good morning and welcome to another edition of the Saturday Morning News Post!

A surprising thing to me about writing weekly news posts (for almost a year now!) is that I don’t seem to run out of things to talk about!

I do however, run out of time when trying to write long-winded diatribes brilliant articles on such things as “The Institutionalization Of An Art Form”. Plus, after spending way too much time on such efforts I really don’t know who (if anyone) is interested!

Sooo, I’m going to ease up on the throttle a little this week and ask for some feedback from you, my dear, dear readers. The questions are:

1. What changes would you like to see made to my website? And…

2. What subjects would you like to see more or less of on the Saturday Morning News Post?

That’s right folks, go ahead and pipe up on what you’d like to see more/less of, or… what’s missing altogether!? (Lord knows, I’m happy to offer my uninformed opinions on just about anything). Shoot me straight, no holds barred,…I can take it!

The website needs to be updated for my next release (I don’t have a date set just yet but I’m thinking sometime around this January or February) and these kinds of changes take time, which is why I’m asking sooner than later. Any and all ideas welcome!

As for the Saturday Morning News Post? Well, I haven’t run out of things to write about yet, but I gotta admit, it could happen. Some readers have said they’d prefer to read about things related to my music, others… not so much.

So again, any and all ideas are welcome because,…dare I say it?… I’m afraid I’m just not that interesting! But,… I enjoy writing these things so, yeah… ideas please?

My email address is: … let’er rip!!

Have a great week and a Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

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