1 Month Left In This Semester To Write More Hot Tunes , The SMNP Sees Its First Birthday, Talk Of A James Danderfer Podcast…Your Thoughts?

birthday-cakeHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

In case you missed it in the headline,… the SMNP is one year old everybody! Push aside that bowl of corn flakes, break out the bubbly and let’s celebrate! (Remember, there’s nothing with a little “hair of the dog” in the morning,… as long as no one sees you doing it.)

And what a year it’s been! In only 365 days you’ve seen the SMNP evolve from an amateurish, uninformed blog site to what it is today,… an amateurish, uninformed blog site with a comment section! Boo-yeah!

And so last week I chose to mark the occasion by, em,… not posting anything; “and on the 52nd week, he rested” and all that. Truth is, I was pretty busy last week between playing every night and working on my electroacoustic project during the day.

That’s right, if you saw “A Chorus Line” in Vancouver last week you likely found yourself mesmerized by that sweet sound floating up from the orchestra pit. Perhaps you even asked aloud, moved to tears and hand over heart, “My God, who is that genius playing woodwind 3?” It was none other than yours truly. … you’re welcome.

It was a fun and challenging gig with a great band (mostly from Toronto) and I’m proud to say that after about 7 shows I was nailing my part!…shame there were only 8 performances.

Anyways, taking a week off from writing the SMNP gave me a chance to reflect on what I’ve accomplished (even though I had no real reason to accomplish it) and ponder my direction (or lack thereof). And through all of this, one question remained:


I’m a professional musician who has probably spent twice as much time writing Saturday Morning News Posts as I have writing music!

Umm,…did I mention what I do for a living!?

How is this possible you ask? Well, the reason I’ve done that is because I made a clear commitment to writing (text) and I became accountable (even if only to 9 people) for getting it done. Writing music is far more important to me but as long as no clear dates were committed to it remained on the “sidelines,” so to speak.

And so I have demonstrated, through error, the importance of setting “dates of accomplishment” for the things you want to achieve. Otherwise, you may end up unfulfilled, empty, blogging your precious hours away while your true passion remains neglected and your clarinet sits in the corner of your tiny bedroom collecting dust,… or…,em… something like that.

So what’s to be done? The SMNP has become an unstoppable force which cannot be tempered with sensibility, it must go on.

Don’t worry everyone, I’ve come up with a plan!

Maybe not so much a plan as an idea. And, not so much my idea as someone else’s but here goes,… one word…, all capital letters,… in bold…


That’s right, just let the brilliance and excitement wash over you. You could have James Danderfer coming at ya in stereo!

I’m thinking the first SMNP of every month could be replaced with a podcast featuring 4 new songs I’ve written that month along with witty commentary, of course, by moi! It could be completely my own podcast or I could try to tap into a larger audience (like over 9) by having my music featured on someone else’s established podcast, one that regularly features new clarinet infused-contemporary-electroacoustic indie-rock-jazz. There must be a ton of them out there.

So I put the question to you: Podcast. Good idea? or… not so much?

At the moment, it seems like the only way to push myself to compose more, however, I know very little about how this whole podcast thing works so, as usual, all suggestions are welcome.

I’ve gotta go write some music now but let me end this post by saying thanks to all of you for reading the SMNP during it’s 1st year. It’s been a lot of fun and you make it all worthwhile. Have a great week!

  • http://mynettphotography.com Steve

    Podcasts are interesting but requires more dedication from all 9 of us to check out. I just read this SMNP in 30 seconds, maybe 1 minute. A 4 song podcast will take…. 20 minutes? Pending of course the type and length of commentary from you! The advantage of course is that we can take you with us and listen to you on the bus on the way to work, but personally I’ve never stuck with a podcast for too long.

    Perhaps embedded tracks in the posts? Provides a bit of an option and not too far removed from what you have now. Don’t want to shake things up too much you know!

  • http://wsf1027fm.blogspot.com/ Guy

    I like it! And the songs wouldn’t even have to be complete. I’d be fascinated to hear the works in progress on the podcast and your thoughts on them and how you go about creating something from thin air. Then we could hear the final result and be blown away by your awesomeoness. And you could have guests on, too. Conversations more than interviews. But don’t get rid of the blog.

  • http://wsf1027fm.blogspot.com/ Guy

    Why do my posts always hug the right margin? Is that just the way it looks from my end?

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    Hey Guy, what version of what browser are you using? I saw the same problem on another computer but wasn’t able to find the browser info. Would you let me know? Thanks!

  • http://wsf1027fm.blogspot.com/ Guy

    I’m on Firefox version Whatever that means. Can you help?

  • Zhao Hui Zhen

    I like this podcast idea! espcially hearing that you will put 4 songs in one podcast! Nice! But do you think you have enough time to finish 4 songs in one month? it’s a lot of work to ask! maybe 2 songs to begin with and try first?I agree with your friend’s comment, the songs doesn’t need to be complete and adding some of your ideas in the podcast really make me interested! and please don’t stop the blog.I don’t think it’s a waste of time.You clear and conclud what you did for the passing week by writting out each blog.And to end this message,i would say: Shengri kuaile,SMNP!Thanks for all the joys you have brought us for this year and we all hope you continue your excerlent job!:-)

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    Yeah, I think you’re behind by a few updates Guy! If you download the most recent version of Firefox that should solve the problem. Let me know if it works. Thx.

  • Janet

    i like the idea of the incomplete songs, or snippets, or at least one song a week. maybe one of yours and/or one of someone else’s you’re listing to, with some ideas of what to listen for in the tune that you’re hearing and getting excited about. that would be fun.

    i agree with steve, though, a podcast is a lot of work… and while i get the SMNP syndicated on my RSS reader, i don’t tend to listen to the podcasts i subscribe to that often. this despite my ipod-assisted commute.

    maybe a podcast once a month? with tunes? to balance the text in the blog?