Attenn-shun!! Jan 15th Concert, Discipline, and 2010 New Years Resolutions

seargeHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

First off, thanks to everyone who made it out to The Cellar last weekend for my “Party Like It’s 1929!” trio show. The band had a blast, the crowd was great, and I came one step closer to familiarity with this older style of jazz,… and that’s a win-win folks.

But just in case you missed it, we’ll be playing in Vancouver one more time (and featuring my CBC commissioned suite for Jelly Roll Morton) at a CBC Radio event (picture below) on Jan. 15th.
Jelly Roll Insert Click here for details.

So here we are. 2010 already. I think that was the most stealth decade ever that just blew by. The 20th Century was full of legendary decades, even the “Big 80’s” and the “Gay 90’s” had names for Christ sake! But the “2000’s”? That last decade didn’t even get a name, so as a result I didn’t pay that much attention to. …Shit. Those were my 20’s that just got kicked to the curb goddamnit!

But never mind all that because now we’re in the 10’s BABY! At least the number 2010 looks cool. (2009 was an unimpressive number that we all started counting down to move on from since Jan. 1st of last year.) This decade needs a name though “The _____ 10’s”. Something catchy that starts with ‘T’, hmmm… Terrible? Tacky? Taciturn? Timeless? Telling? I don’t know, I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

And now down to brass tacks readers: Resolutions. You’ve got’em, I’ve got’em, who the hell knows if they’ll help.

Someone told me recently that they don’t bother with resolutions because they only end up feeling guilty about not doing them later. Hogwash! I’ve got a better idea,… Introducing my 2010 Resolution #1: Resolve not to beat yourself up over failed resolutions/plans/schedules or anything else that’s designed towards the pursuit of your goals. TA-DA!!

Besides, as I mentioned last year, statistically speaking about 40-46% of people who make New Years resolutions actually make good on them whereas those who desire change but don’t make a resolution have only a 0-4% chance of seeing change. That means I had a 10 times better chance of making good on the 2009 resolutions which I didn’t make good on than had I just remained silent. Folks, I’m not a gamblin’ man, but I’ll take those odds!

Now if resolution #1 strikes you as a little more Oprah-esque sensitive than Danderfer-esque sensible, well,… I guess it is, but for a very sensible reason. It simply means to be more objective about little “failures” and not to beat myself about the weeks days when things don’t work out as planned. Sometimes the “plan” (or just the day’s schedule) gets off the rails completely, it happens. But the “lag time” of moving on is something that can be lessened, I think it requires some maturity and probably (Resolution 2 spoiler alert!) some discipline too, to assess the failure or mistake, learn something from it, and move on. I’m all for holding one’s self to a higher standard but punishing yourself for mistakes is really nothing more than a waste of time. So that little voice in my head with the lead-lined boxing gloves can sit this one out, it’s time for a voice that’s on my goddamn team already!

My other 2010 resolution? You guessed it:

Resolution #2: To be more disciplined with my time and my work and not to rely solely on deadlines to drive me.

Oh I hear you. You’re saying “I don’t know Danderfer,… you seem to get a lot done; The Jelly Roll Morton Suite for CBC, the weekly SMNP masterpieces, the uh,… em,… did I mention the Jelly Roll Suite?”

Yes, it’s true, I could be less productive, but believe me, I could be a whole lot more productive and disciplined. I know this, because I know what a really productive day feels like and because I know how few and far between they are for me.

So I’m going to get back on track with the 8-hour work day thing. 8 hours with set start times and end times.

I tried it before and failed, at which point I decided it was not for me and I’d be better off just setting ambitious deadlines for myself as a “deadline driven” person. However, in turns out this method was compromising the quality of my work somewhat, and interestingly what seemed to suffer most was my free time, or distinct lack thereof. Without the discipline, days were still pretty unfocused (until the hellish few days/ hours/minutes right before the deadline) and so my working time kind of bled into my whole day, thereby leaving no time for other enjoyable things like drinking going out, or reading, or studying language, etc. Fun things that are actually pretty good for our brains.ManWithTwoBrains

Well how about that, I little feel good SMNP to get 2010 started on the right foot!

So how about you? Got a New Years resolution you’d like to share? Then go ahead and put it in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!

  • Guy

    Saturday? Check. Morning? Check. Is one of your resolutions to have the Saturday Morning News Post actually delivered to our computers on Saturday morning? Well done.

  • Steve

    Great show at the cellar – can’t wait until I can visit Hastings and Main to see her some of those tunes again!

    My only real resolution? Do less, and do it better.

  • Zhao Hui Zhen

    My New year’s resolution: i can only be angry 25 times for the year of 2010~ :-) For your second resolution,”back to 8 hour’s working” I have a little suggestion, maybe everyday when you begin to work, set up a little result for your day,such as “i should finish the first part of the compositions” . Measuring your aims helps a lot for you to reach them! cheers!

  • james

    Guy, you got it buddy. Punctual SMNPs from here on out,… hopefully. Why? Because you deserve it, well, maybe not you in particular but my readers at large.

    Zhao Hui Zhen, that’s a bold resolution but I like it. I might even try it, but my goal would be 25 times per week, tops.

    Slaps, rock solid.

  • megan

    Great post James. I’m in total agreement – the catalyst for action starts with a declaration.

    looking forward to the gig this Friday!