CBC Suite Completed, 1st Week Of Discipline,…umm,…yeah…about that…

JellyHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

It is in fact Friday evening as I write this SMNP, from the Patricia Hotel (Vancouver) where CBC Radio will soon host their musical event in honour of the late great Jelly Roll Morton who graced this same venue back in 1919 for over a year.

All the musicians involved were at the CBC studios yesterday to rehearse (and some fine musicians there were, including Bruno Hubert, Brass Roots and the great Henry Butler), then we all had a sound check at The Patricia Hotel this morning. Following that, my trio went back to CBC studios to rehearse some more after lunch, then I came back to The Patricia to play for CBC’s pre-show live radio broadcast (with Ndidi Onukwulu, a very talented singer in town who I just met yesterday), and now here I am, hanging out in the hotel lobby, blogging, while the other musicians drink beer and have a good time. You see? You see what I do for the SMNP?

As for the 8 hours a day thing, well, I’m pretty sure I’ve been working at least 8 hours a day but it’s been anything but organized. I’ve just been racing to get everything ready for this CBC show tonight and making many trips to Chris Gestrin‘s studio to work on my electro-acoustic project.

So yeah, I feel like I’m getting stuff done but this is solely deadline driven work, it’s chaotic and all-consuming. As of tomorrow however, I’m going to spend more time designing some structure to my schedule and working out what to work on. I’m also going to pay more attention to something a friend of mine hipped me to, and that is to distinguish what’s important to get done as opposed to urgent. Often times things that seem urgent, like answering the phone, replying instantly to emails, etc, take up a lot time and dominate your schedule over long-term goals which are actually more important to you.

Did that last part make sense to anyone? I know it’s a solid idea but now I’m having trouble explaining it. I might expand on it in the comments section, we’ll see. For now though, I think it’s only civilized that I cut the SMNP short, go back into Pat’s Pub (in the Patricia), order myself a pulled pork sandwich and a beer and shoot the shit with some musicians.

Have a great week everybody!

  • http://wsf1027fm.blogspot.com/ Guy

    You wrote this Friday night? So this is old news? We may as well start reading the newspaper if we want old news. This isn’t called the Friday Night News Post. I demand an additional entry this week or I want my money back.