Let The Games Begin!

Coat_of_arms_of_VancouverHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, this has been one exciting week! Let me tell ya,… wow! It’s just,… I mean, geez,…things are just rocketing ahead around here as I,…um… break new ground on, em… this cool new thing that you’ll, um,… I just can’t fucking wait to show you the, em,… Hmm.

Okay, fine. I got nothing this week. Nothing terribly exciting is happening in Danderfer-land. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But, you know, we had a good run,…didn’t we?

Let’s see now, disciplined scheduling took a turn for the worse as I got cocky/lazy and stopped preparing well thought-out daily schedules. I pulled another all-nighter on Monday to have a 10-piece jazz chart ready for Tuesday,… Tuesday was thus a write-off. The rest of the week just kind of flew by. Yes, I was busy working but just not really focused work. Anyways, this week I am not only getting back on that scheduling horse, I’m going to one-up myself and schedule the entire week in advance! Oh yeah, and I’m going to base the week’s schedule on relevant deadlines for the coming months. Uh-huh! Take that self, you little BITCH!

In other news, the 2010 Winter Olympics have begun in my hometown of Vancouver, B.C. I watched the opening ceremonies on TV last night, and although nothing could compare with Beijing’s unbelievable “Listen up bitches! We’re the next world super-duper power and here’s the pyrotechnic/light/acrobatics/lip-syncing display to prove it!” opening ceremonies last summer, Vancouver still had some good, more “intimate” moments. (For the record, I’m pretty sure there was some lip-syncing in last night’s ceremony as well,… I’m looking at you Bryan Adams!)

There were also some awkward/comical moments, like in the very beginning where the event organizers, in all their wisdom, decided to “streamline” (that is to say, cut out half of) the national anthem, thus leading a crowd of 60,000 (most of all Prime Minister Stephen Harper) to look proud, then lost, confused, and finally disgruntled. Well done!

And then of course, who could forget the olympic torch lighting finale? Watching all of the torch bearers standing out there in the fake snow, waiting for an eternity while the hydrolics temporarily failed to raise the torch out of the floor. I was glued to the television at that moment, because after a while of thinking “Wow, they’re really milking this dramatic pause!”, I started looking closely at the uncomfortable facial expressions of Nancy Greene and Gretzky, (Rick Hansen managed to maintain the stoicism of a confident general staring down an army,… bravo) and then Steve Nash’s forced smile and worried eyes gave it all away,… HAHA, the torch isn’t working!!

And finally, watching Wayne Gretzky get carted through the rainy streets of Vancouver on the back of a pickup truck with a bunch of drunks running beside it was somewhat,… shall we say, anti-climactic? But hey, despite all my cynicism I still felt kinda proud. Now I just hope that Vancouver will avoid an Olympic sized disaster by getting some snow! (Fun fact: this is Vancouver’s warmest winter in 75 years! Man, talk about a kick in the balls for VANOC.)

That’s all I got for the week, next week I shall report on my adventures with Logic,… the software. Have a super Valentine’s Day everyone, may you all have a charming day with that special bottle of bourbon, vat of Ben&Jerry’s, anti-depressant, someone!

Thanks for reading! jd

  • http://mynettphotography.com Steve

    Pretty fun to be in the city right now. I thought that the opening ceremonies were… in a word…. honest. The anthem and tech problem aside, I really enjoyed it and yes, felt some pride.

    Excited to see what happens through the rest of the week. Some weather problems, but it’s made for a really mild (and not freezing cold!) city which is a lot nicer to walk around in.

  • Zhao Hui Zhen

    Stop drinking,james! :-)