Mixin’ It Up,… Bakin’ That Cake

amesHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Yes, it’s another late post. But I have a good reason this time, I’ve been drinking! That’s right, since I was sooo busy in Montreal finishing up my 1st year of McGill I didn’t have any time to celebrate, and so I’ve been making up for it back home in BC. However, 2 weeks of celebrating is probably enough, sooo… back to “work”!

And so as I write this post I’m sitting in the magikal world of CG Magik’s (aka Chris Gestrin‘s) studio where we are currently working on mixing the Electroacoustic EP which I started a year ago. For those laypeople out there, recordings have to be mixed and mastered before they can be released.

So what does mixing mean exactly? I’m so glad you asked, em… let me ask CG Magik… :

“It’s like baking a cake,… you got flour, sugar, water, etc… you gotta put’em all together to bake that cake. You put’em together in the wrong order, cook’em at the wrong temperature and you don’t have a cake, you got nothin’ but a mess. That’s why you need a baker on board, like CG Magik.”

Any questions?… I thought not.

Picture this, you’re recording a band and you’ve got 3 microphones on the drums, 2 on the piano, 1 on the clarinet, and 1 on the bass; you’ve got to “tweak” the sound from each mic, ie bass, treble, attack, delay, reverb, highs/lows/mids, etc.. Once every individual part sounds good, then you’ve got to balance all the instruments in the band, on some tracks you want to hear more bass or drums, on others you need to bring out the melody part more,… you get the idea.

Now, picture this electroacoustic project where each song has 30-40 parts, that’s a lot of work,… good thing I’ve got my baker on board!!

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out how to release this music. Spend the money to have CDs pressed? Release it for digital download only? Have digital download cards printed instead of CDs? Have the whole record streaming from the site? Can one get press or radio play by sending download cards out to the media? If not, why not?… this is 2010 for Christ’s sake!

And then I remember something Cory Weeds emailed me the other day: “… if you spent as much time thinking about touring, gigging and gettin out there as you do thinking about what medium, how to make it available, etc., etc., you’d be far better off.”

Yes, it’s true, I am putting the cart before the horse, but rest assured I am also thinking LOTS about how to perform this electro music live and how to start booking gigs for it. In fact, that’s my 1st priority for this Summer and I should have some more news on that front in a matter of weeks.

But for now, I’ve got to stop writing this SMNP and start paying attention to the mixing process!

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!