Back On The West Coast For Summer, Video Of “The New Orleans Theme Party” On YouTube

youtube1Hello, good morning, and welcome to the the Saturday Morning News Post!

I am writing this SMNP from back home in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and I gotta say, it’s great to be back!

Readers, this week I have a special surprise for you… a new video up on YouTube! Well, okay, it’s not a surprise to the few mighty “Danderfans” who Google my name every morning with their cup of coffee in hand,… to those people I can only say, you may have a little too much time on your hands, but hey, I LOVE the enthusiasm, thank you,… GO TEAM DANDERFANS!!

So this week, why don’t you spend the 2minutes usually allotted to reading my witty/uninformed musings from a jazz clarinetist and watch the new video here. And, if you feel like it, drop a little comment in the YouTube comment section. You’re entertained, I break the 50 views mark,… it’s a win-win folks!

Oh, but first I’ll set it up for you: This clip is from a gig I did at The Cellar jazz club last August playing music by contemporary New Orleans brass bands but arranged for a smaller group with B3 organ. It’s really, really, fucking fun party music, and we had a blast giving it a shot. The song you’ll hear on YouTube is called “New Funk,” written by the fantastic Stooges Brass Band.

Thanks in advance for checking out the video everybody and enjoy your week! jd

  • Amanda Zhao

    mmm,guess we have more time. we aleady saw this video.:-( long time ago.:-) it’s cool! looking forward to more video and the music for the french group!!! you know what i am talking about! :-)