Introducing Sir Ken Robinson,… to the SMNP

sir-ken-robinsonHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

As I write this SMNP I am sitting in the studio with Chris Gestrin (aka 24-7 MVP), working on the album. Yes, that studio, and yes,… that album. Work on the electroacoustic EP continues as we are nearly finished mixing all 6 tracks, at which point all we need to do is master it, et voila! James Danderfer becomes a Goddamn rock star!

So today I’m going to simply pass on a link that a friend passed on to me last week. (Thanks Slaps!) Check out this TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he explains the need for a revolution in education to place greater value on creativity.

Sir Robinson’s manner of presenting ideas is insightful and hilarious (kinda like a certain SMNP right?,… right?) and after watching this talk I went to his website to see some more of his videos (like this one) which expand on the subject of inherent creativity.

So thanks to Sir Robinson for the video and have a great week everyone! jd

  • Chops

    I love it!