Vancouver Jazz Fest Begins,…”DanderBand” Left Out.

relaywom2_gallery__470x338,0Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Well, it’s officially Summertime, the sun is out, flowers are in bloom, birds are singing and of course, Jazz Festivals abound!

That’s right! If you’re in Canada, there is probably a Jazz Festival happening in your city at this very moment so you too can come out of the jazz-fan closet and support this music or, given the genre-obscurring, musical inclusivity of “jazz” festivals, really any kind of music (Hey, it’s ALL jazz baby!!). Then, once your jazz enthusiasm has been spent in a week-long binge of jazz appreciation, you too can promptly return to the jazz-fan closet for another year.

So let’s get down to the question I’m sure you’re all wondering, “Where can I check out some hot tunes by the James Danderfer band?!”

Well I’m here to tell you,… YOU CAN’T!! Unfortunately my band (the funky and fun-loving New Orleans inspired B3 soul band), wasn’t accepted into the festival this year,… so sad. Like Superman returning to Krypton only to be turned away without explanation, the city that spawned my musical being has rejected me. … and if you just heard a faint crack in the distance, that,… was my heart breaking.

Okay,… not really.

I’m kind of surprised when people do expect me to be upset with things like this,… I’m not. It’s like applying for grants or scholarships or anything where there are lots of applicants, em,… you won’t always be accepted. Call me naive but I don’t see any need to take these things personally. All you can do is offer a musical project of high quality (which mine was), with an angle that might interest potential listeners (which mine had) and perhaps something a bit different than what you’ve offered in the past (which this was), and even then what you’re offering might simply not “fit the bill.”

So she goes. All you Vancouver “Danderfans” out there are just going to have to pick up the pieces and move on with your life,… one day at time.

However, there IS some good news, this ol’ clarinetist can’t be so easily left out of the party and has made his way in through the back door, so to speak, as a sideman! BOO-YEAH!! So I’m happy to tell you that I will be in this year’s festival with the lovely and talented Jillian Lebeck and her quintet. We’re recording at CBC Studio on June 30th from noon to 1 and it’s free! For more details, click here. I’m a big fan of Jillian’s mix of beautiful, haunting jazz and singer/songwriter tunes so please come on down to CBC and hear her for yourself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there happens to be lots of free music in the streets of Vancouver today and that’s the kind of ticket price I can handle. Last night I caught some of Nancy King (at The Cellar) and Buck 65 (at the Commodore) and really enjoyed both shows. So I have to give it up to all the festival organizers for putting this party together once again!

Have a great week everybody and a special SMNP shout-out to Jay “Funkhaus” Hassler for not letting me forget my clarinet in a bar. You’ve got my back Jay! May the force be with you. jd

  • Brian Nation

    Lebeck Quintet’s on the Wed the 30th according to jazz fest schedule.

  • james

    Thanks Brian! I’ve updated the post since apparently I can’t remember how many days are in June. See you at a show?

  • Funkhaus

    It’s a pleasure and an honor to have your back. It was a highlight of the tour to hang with you!

  • Brian Nation

    yeah man, i’ll be there.

  • Jeremy Price

    Hey there James… I remember the last time I heard you was at the
    Cellar with Don Thompson.. at a previous festival.. the crowd,
    in my book, was downright noisy and disrespectful..

    I really enjoy the clarinet and you play it as well as any one I have heard (Eddie Daniels comes to mind).. Don’t let the festival
    omissions get you down.. I’ve been in Vancouver for 5 years and I get more work in Ontario than I do anywhere else in Canada..

    Part of this business is frustrating but sometimes a no opens other doors.. Keep the faith and I look forward to hearing you again soon..

    Your colleague from Banff Jazz Orchestra 1997 edition..!

  • james

    Hey Jeremy! Nope, not down about the omission at all,… so she goes, but thanks. Hope to run into you soon!