LIVE Recording In August, Shows Next Week,… And Then There’s Jazz Camp

old-man-recordingHello, good morning and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, let’s get down to business right out of the gate and allow me to hype an upcoming show of mine in Vancouver. Here goes…

featuring JAMES DANDERFER clarinet, MILES BLACK piano, JOE POOLE drums

Clarinetist/composer James Danderfer leads this fun, swinging trio playing 1930s standards and fresh originals in a classic style reminiscent of the great Barney Bigard and Jelly Roll Morton trios. Come down and party like it’s 1929!

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I know what you’re thinking right now… “Holy SHIT! Fun, swinging, AND fresh!? That’s OFF THE HOOK DANDERFER!”

Yes. Yes it is off the hook. So call ahead to make a reservation (fingers crossed, it’ll be busy) and come on down and support us, only it won’t feel like you’re “supporting” us because you’ll be having so much fun. That’s right, these shows will have a “fun jazz music” theme to them. Crazy, right? Yeah, I know.

We will also be playing July 8-10 at a classy little venue in downtown Vancouver called O’Douls. We would of course love to see you at both the O’Douls and Cellar shows, HOWEVER, if your level of enthusiasm for The Danderfer Trio limits you to no more than one show every 2 months then PLEASE come down to the live recording in August because there’s nothing worse than recording the sound of defeat and empty chairs.

In other news, I will be educating young minds at a jazz camp next week at Sentinel High School in West Vancouver. So watch out Sentinel, the Hammer’s comin’ down,… jazz camp style!

OK, that’s all I got this week. Thanks for reading, happy Canada Day to all my friends North of the border and a happy Independence day to all my friends South of the line! jd

  • Amanda Zhao

    nice to see so many great shows coming up! too bad your danderfans are in france.:-( are u going to the montreal jazz festival? :-)