Did Someone Say They Missed The SMNP?… Oh, they didn’t? Well,… Here It Is Anyways!

images1867627_LeKyThuongHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Well, well, well,… looks like a lot of people missed the ol’ SMNP.

And by “a lot” I mean 3,… and by “missed” I mean “kinda noticed the absence of…

That’s right, it took about 2 months but finally, a reader cried out with “Hey, are you still writing those,… what do you call them? SMNPs?”


Sure, some bloggers might see the lack of interest as a sign to pack it in, but hey, I’m a jazz clarinetist,… small audiences don’t faze me.

So what happened? you ask… well, it has been an extremely busy time these last couple of months for sure, so justifying time spent on the SMNP was a bit of a stretch. More than anything however, I just needed a break from reading my own thoughts, which seemed to be going in circles, ie “I’m still broke” “I’m still trying to plan my career/life better”, etc. etc.

And some readers get the wrong impression about my rants, I’m not writing these whilst sitting on a 12th floor window ledge with a bottle of scotch and a hand-gun, I’m just venting a little about my somewhat ridiculous choice of career. Rants help me relax and laugh at my trivial problems,… this is my yoga, this is my golf. Because at the end of the day, I still love what I do, and I enjoy the ride. I’d much rather be in this situation of “I love what I do, now how can I make a living!?” than “I’m paying the mortgage off just fine, now if only I could find something I love!” Know what I’m sayin?

Anyways, somewhat to my surprise, I have found myself missing the SMNPs and I once again feel that I have sooo many important, insightful, and completely uninformed views on arts and life to share with you all! Hooray!

But I’ve got to mix it up more, so here’s how it’s gonna work: I will post something most Saturdays, not all. Sometimes it’ll be another brilliant discourse on my life as a trail-blazing neo-jazz clarinetist, sometimes it’ll just be photos (that’s right, I like taking pictures… with my iPhone), sometimes it’ll be a scattered, pointless, off-the-cuff podcast, and finally, sometimes it’ll be a really scattered, pointless, off-the-cuff podcast.

Now I must get prepared for some Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. But first, to prepare for the preparations,… it’s nap time.

Thanks for reading, have a great week and a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! jd

(above painting by Le Ky Thuong)

  • Amanda Zhao

    i lauged my teeth off by reading this blog.:-) Your humour hit me well.:-) i am glad i can read your blog again and i would say that I like pretty much your style of writting.:-)I accept all the changes of your blog.Life is full of comprimise,isn’t it?.:-) ANd yeah,money is important but we can never measure life with money! Otherwise at the end of your life,when you lying on the bed,instead of saying that i have done this,i have done that’,it’s boring to say that i am the owner of a house,a car…… Happy thanks giving!

  • Guy

    I may not have cried out, but I certainly did notice the lack of posts in recent weeks. I cried inside. Good to see you back. You mentioned “podcast” not once, but twice. Freudian slip? Or do you plan one of those, too? Oh, and not to be too pedantic (but I can’t help myself), it’s ‘faze’.

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    @ AA and Guy, nice to hear from you both. I have already recorded failed podcast #2, which will likely be posted only once my podcast becomes so awesome and so famous that people will actually be able to laugh at the awkward failed attempts,… in other words, you will never hear them. I’ll keep trying though. And thanks for the ‘faze’ correction,… no really.