Closing In On Nov 12th Masters Recital, Enjoying The Composition Process

halloween-scaryHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

As I write today’s SMNP, I am sitting in McGill’s music library computer lab. In fact, this is where I’ve been spending most of my time these days as I busily compose New Orleans brass band inspired tunes for my upcoming masters recital, which will be held:

November 12th, 8pm @ Tanna Hall, Schulich School of Music, McGill University

We’ll be performing all new works by yours truly and featuring some very talented, young musicians,… dare I say,… some of the future faces of the Canadian Jazz scene thanks of course to my direction, tutelage and general molding of their musical minds.

Okay, that last part isn’t true; I haven’t shaped anything,… except for the hot tunes which they will be playing in less than 2 weeks!

Anyways, enough about them. Back to me.

I’m enjoying the tunes that have taken shape over the last few weeks. I always feel a little surprised by the process of random ideas developing into fully formed tunes; I mean, they’re not completely random, I’m listening to lots of New Orleans brass band music (ie. Rebirth, Stooges, Youngblood, etc) and I have a sense of what kind of band sound I’m looking for, but the idea that starts it all can sometimes come from something as basic as dropping my hands on the piano. Other times, I get a little melodic idea while I’m walking somewhere and then, several weeks later, PRESTO!! 8 musicians are on stage bringing life and emotion into this “piece” and (hopefully) really communicating something to the audience.

It also seems to me that even the silliest little idea can develop into a cool tune IF you spend the time polishing/developing it. It’s easy to dismiss simple or somewhat cliched ideas as,… well… simple and cliched but if they interest you somehow then they’re worth developing a little. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity and perhaps even cliched ideas can turn into something entertaining and fun.

Well! Now that I’ve got everyone expecting a recital chock-full of cliched and overly simple tunes, I’m going to retire for the evening so that I can continue my work tomorrow morning. Still so much to do!!

Thanks for reading and have a great week! jd

  • AA

    will you have a record of this recital?

  • james

    Not sure about that, but I will eventually have a recording of this music. Will keep you posted AA!