1st Big Band Concert A Success, In Panic Mode For Masters Recital

hamadryas baboonHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Yes, the McGill Jazz Orchestra III performed last Wednesday at McGill’s Tanna Hall, and the show was a success.

You may wonder what I, as director of the band, have to do during the concert besides count off the tunes.

Well, since my goal was to have the band play the music well by themselves (as opposed to relying on the director for cues/dynamics/rhythms, etc.) the end result was that during the concert,… I looked pretty much unnecessary up there!

Hooray, mission accomplished.

That said, I’ve got a list of directorial things to work on before the next concert, which is only about 5 weeks away. As for the band; now that I know they can play together well, my goal is to help them speed up the process of preparing music for a concert. Since professionals rarely get more than one rehearsal before a show (if that), I think it would be valuable for the students to get into that “one shot only” mind frame a little. Because, if you know you have a month to get ready for a concert, you’ll take a month to get ready for that concert, but in the “real world” (incidentally, I don’t like that term much) band leaders don’t have much patience for sight-reading mistakes.

Anyways, we’ll see what I can do to work on this with them. Meanwhile,…

I’M IN PANIC MODE!!! My recital, for which I must compose at least 10 extremely hot tunes, is less than 3 weeks away and holy shit do I have a lot of work to do for it!

Now “panic mode” isn’t quite as serious as “crisis mode” (that’s still several days away, and I don’t write SMNPs in C-mode) but it’s pretty damn serious. Consider “panic mode” a red alert, but more of a cherry red, while “crisis mode” is a full-on baboon’s ass red. Nothing funny about that.

On that note, I must end this SMNP to get some writing done.

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone! jd1

  • Amanda Zhao

    wow,it’s ok.your panic mode can exactly help you to write hot hot music!!! at the end,it’s the inspiration which counts.:-) good luck!!! finally i understand why you put the picture of the monkey’s ass there. you are not panic enough~