A Walk To The Grocery Store

H4H Concert2010 EcardHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!!

I’ve tried a couple times to record a podcast worth listening to, two to be precise. Upon listening back to them however, I decided they were too boring to ever see the light of day. But readers, I’ve discovered the answer to this problem,… just don’t listen back to them!

So here’s me and my walk to the grocery store. Here are a couple links to some things I mentioned:

Health For Humanity
Denzal Sinclaire
Russel Marsland

… and, the podcast: pc_1

Ta ta for now, have a great week and check back next week for,… who knows what! jd1

  • Amanda Zhao

    wow,it’s amazing. By hearing your voice in your ,i can tell you were cold at the beginning and warm at the end and you walk always very fast.:-) The podcast reflects pretty much what you think in your mind.It’s funny to hear someone talk all his thoughts out.:-) and i have one question: is it weird to talk and record in a grocery store? good luck with your homework.:-)

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    @AA: It is challenging to record a podcast while grocery shopping, simply because I’m not good at multi-tasking. However, it’s not weird per se because people just assume that I’m one of those assholes talking loudly into his cell phone while shopping,… and I’m okay with that.

  • http://shaunajohannesen.com Shauna Johannesen

    Wow. I don’t know what to say. WWF and bits and bites. I feel like I’m seeing behind the curtain…and I’m not sure how that makes me feel.