Whew! 1st Electro Show Is In The Bag,…

electro-1Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

It is actually Friday night as I write this SMNP, just got home after my 1st electro at McGill. Wow,… exhausting, but man do I feel relieved to have this one in the bag. Because, for all the little mishaps that occured (at one point I hit the wrong foot pedal, thereby stopping the backing track mid-song and changing the keyboard patch to something from a different tune,…okay,…that was a pretty big mishap), and the crazy balance issues, it was the 1st attempt and the 1st attempt is always the most difficult. As well, the usual professional expectations that I would bring to an acoustic jazz performance didn’t really apply to this show because I was very much out of my element. So, yeah… I’m okay with it.

Besides, there were a lot of cool, musical moments in tonight’s performance. Not only can I see a lot of potential for this type of ensemble but, perhaps most importantly, I’m excited to continue my work in this direction.

Now that the show’s over, it’s time to take account of all I learned from this project: what went well, what was difficult, what was impossible, and what’s next?! Not just because I have to (for my “special project” credit) but because the learning curve was so steep I can’t keep track of all the information I’ve got in my head right now! Plus, I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas for what to do next time and as my technology guide Richard McKenzie reminded me, that is how you get better at something you have no reference point for (ie. never having put on a live electro show), you just do it once and then ask yourself “what would make it better next time?”.

OK, I’m tapping out of this SMNP now and going to bed. Thanks to Richard McKenzie, Sean Ferguson, Jan Jarczyk, and the band: Evan, Efa, Tristan, and Dan for helping to make it all happen. Have a great week everyone! jd1

  • Allen

    Glad you are having “fun” and moving forward in directions that interest you. Looking forward to hearing some of your electro.

  • Liouba

    it was the first time I was listening to a jazz concert actually! That’s why I have not noticed the mishaps, so don’t worry about it! I find your music and your electro acoustic project great! Great guitarist to! Thanks to you I have discovered and loved this type of jazz music!

  • http://www.itsjuststuff.ca Carolyn

    Sounds like your head is full! Might be time to party and let the learning percolate!

  • Freddy

    So when can Vancouver expect an electro show?

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    Vancouver can expect an electro show in the Spring; in fact, my plan is to use my last semester to focus on getting a really solid show together. Will keep you posted!