mzi.ernmbwja.170x170-75Hello, good morning, welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post! and Merry Christmas!!

Readers, can you believe it? The celebration of the birth of Christ AND an SMNP on the very same day. Exciting. Almost,… overwhelming really.

Now, this being Christmas day, and me being a jazz musician, I should probably talk about my favourite jazzy Christmas music. However, this being 2010, I figure everyone is pretty much overloaded with Christmas music via internet radio sites such as this one, or this one. Or perhaps you’re hip to itunes radio Christmas stations (can’t find it?… try the “religious” station,… I know, go figure, right?), or maybe you’ve just gone and downloaded a few gigs of holiday cheer from a bit torrent site like this one (also, apparently very handy for any guys who have “Russian lady friend” on their wish list).

Well, my vote for something different, and funny this Christmas is this album by my man Chris Gestrin and his brother Mark:

Mark & Chris-Mas 2001 – A Christmas Oddity

You can check their itunes page here. Is it appropriate for the whole family?,… probably not. But if you’re tired of run of the mill Christmas albums, and you’ve got a sense of humour,… this might be just the thing to get you through the holiday season.

OK, enjoy the holidays whatever you’re doing and have a great week everyone! jd1


  • Guy

    Christ was born on this day, too? What a coincidence! Is that how they got the name? I never put that together before. Merry Christmas, young feller.