Yours Truly, Special Guest On CBC Radio’s “Hot Air” Program Today!

cbclogolargeHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I feel special! Not only because I’m delivering the SMNP early for a change, but because I will be the “special guest” on CBC Radio’s “Hot Air” Jazz program tomorrow evening. That’s right, the lovely host of “Hot Air”, Margaret Gallagher, and I will go head to head on two of my favourite topics: 1. The Music of New Orleans and 2. James Danderfer

This is all to help promote my upcoming “New Orleans Theme Party” show at the Cellar next weekend (Dec.17/18,… click here for more details). And so, today’s broadcast will include some of my trio’s music, some of the N.O.T.P. music, and some of the fantastic music that inspired both bands, including songs by Jelly Roll Morton and The Rebirth Brass Band. There will also be a sneak peak at the electro project I’ve been working on,… yes, that electro project.

So tune in at 5:05pm PST to 690am or 88.1fm, sit back, and drink in some Danderfer.

Thanks to Phillip and Margaret for inviting me to their show! Have a great week everyone! Below are a few shots from the studio. jd

The studio:

The producer of Hot Air, Phillip Ditchburn:

In the actual interview room, the host of the show, Margaret Gallagher: