?">work.736278.3.flat,550x550,075,f.blow-your-hearts-outHello, good morning, welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Now that everyone’s first hangover of 2011 has subsided, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Resolutions. I’m thinking about them. You’re thinking about them. We’re all wondering what the hell is the point, right?

Perhaps, like me, you also grit your teeth year after year whenever you think of the last batch of resolutions you cooked up and how they remain unfulfilled. Off the top of my head I can’t even remember what mine were last year,… awesome. Thankfully, I keep a weekly blog, so let me just have a look back and copy and paste that bad boy…

2010 Resolution #1: Resolve not to beat yourself up over failed resolutions/plans/schedules or anything else that’s designed towards the pursuit of your goals.

Resolution #2: To be more disciplined with my time and my work and not to rely solely on deadlines to drive me.

Hmm, let’s see now, not only did #1 not happen, but as soon as I reread that resolution, I angrily berated myself.
…There goes #2.

Par for the course folks. So what’s wrong? Is it me?HAH! Unlikely.

It’s clear who the culprit is here,… my New Year’s Resolutions simply aren’t doing their job!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of the concept behind the ol’ “New Years Rezo” but the concept needs a little retooling, and I’m just the tool to do it.

So gather round while I hammer out a fresh take on this old tradition, here goes!… I like to call this little gem…


It came to me after a fellow artiste (thanks sj!) explained her family’s tradition of having everyone at the NYE party tell their 2010 highlights and low lights, or “Happy/Crappies” as they called it. Which got me to thinking,… what if you didn’t have any real highlights to speak of for the entire year? How fucking depressing would that be?

Which got me to thinking that instead of saying what we should do in 2011, instead, let’s Dander-invert our perspective, imagine fast forwarding to New Years day 2012, and decide what 2011 highlights we want to be able to list off!

Think about it. Resolutions are good but it’s always should should should. “You should organize your time better. You should excercise more. You should eat your greens.” etc. It doesn’t hold that much weight.

However, the Danderesolution adds a little gravitas to the situation, it commands a little more attention. I’m just going to say it,… it’s got balls.

That’s right, the Danderesolution recognizes that a year is a long time BUT,… it goes fast, AND… you only have so many of them, SO,… what list of highlights for 2011 will you look back on and say “Damn, THAT thing was fuckin’ awesome.” or “Damn, THAT was a great accomplishment I can be proud of.” or even “I’m sooo relieved to have gotten THAT thing done and out of the way.”

After you’ve got that done, then go ahead and add a sprinkling of resolutions. Why not? Now that your Danderesolutions have enlightened you as to what’s going to make this a banner year, you’re old “resolutions” can be directed towards making it happen.

Okay, so if I close my eyes and imagine listing off my 2011 highlights, they would include:

1. Began my own record label with a new and different type of offering.
2. Released 2 fantastic Danderfer albums under this new label of mine.
3. Got my masters degree from McGill University.
4. Organized several tours with my own band(s).

Well, it’s a good start at least! And what about YOU? Any Danderesolutions immediately come to mind for 2011? If so, feel free to post’em in the comments section.

Thanks for reading, have a great week and a happy new year everybody! ?">jd

Above artwork by Chris Deeprose

  • Amanda Zhao

    Amanda’s Danderesolution
    1.got my bachelor degree from Blaise Pascal university
    2.learned ten songs on Guitar
    3.spoke italien more fluently than 2010
    4.went to Canada!!!

  • http://jamesdanderfer.com james

    Nice one AA!!