Snapshots: snowy afternoons, rainy nights, and a subway dragon.

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!!

Readers, as you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m a Renaissance man. As such, when I’m not on the interweb brilliantly opining about all things jazz, or playing hot licks on the clarinet, or singing indie-electrojazz songs,… I like to indulge in a little photography.

So here are some photos (taken with my iPhone) of Montreal’s winter, pre and post snow. All in my neighbourhood of Little Italy (except the one of the dragon in the subway).







Thanks for dropping by and have a great week! jd1

  • Allen

    Great shots James … check out wenninparis on Flickr is you want to see a lot of photos using an iPhone from a guy in Paris who knows what he is doing …

  • james

    Thanks Allen, you’re right, those are the coolest iphone shots I’ve seen. Hmm, maybe I’ll skip a real camera and just upgrade to iPhone 4.

  • John Doheny

    I indulge in a little shutterbuggery myself from time to time.:-)