3 Nights At O’Douls, Alto Clarinet For Sale, Days Since Last Mistaken For Joe Thornton: 0

joe-thorntonHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, I know, this is no longer Saturday or morning and it would seem I’m getting a little slack with the SMNPs,… I’ll try to plan ahead more, or, perhaps I should say I’ll try planning ahead. I never really do that,… part of my stagnant career charm I suppose.

In the news this past week, I had three fun nights playing at O’Douls in Vancouver with my trio consisting of Miles Black and Joe Poole. Playing three consecutive nights in one place is very rare indeed and it was a great opportunity for the trio to get reacquainted with my tunes which we will be recording next Monday. If all goes well, the record will turn out great, SONY and Universal records will fight to add me on their artist roster, the album goes platinum,… I retire. Barring that, I will release it myself, have a few hundred copies made and then consider going to Home Depot for some more shelving to install in my closet whilst lamenting the damage I am doing to Mother Earth by creating more unnecessary plastic products. It could easily go either way.

altoclarAlso this week, I was asked by Vancouver’s Northwest Music Instrument Store to try out a beautiful Buffet “Prestige” alto clarinet in order to help spread the word to potential buyers. Inconspicuously nestled amongst the clarinet family between the bass clarinet and the “regular” Bb clarinet, the alto has a warm dark sound in the low register and a light, woody upper register and rose to popularity thanks to,…um, well, maybe not “popularity” but it was played by many a great, including,…well…

… okay, nobody plays this damn instrument except perhaps high level wind symphony clarinetists but more people should because it sounds cool. And if I wasn’t still miles away from having enough to purchase a bass clarinet, I’d have bought this horn myself. So if you or someone you know is looking to buy a great alto clarinet at a good price then contact Jeff or Jamie here. Plus, you can brag to your friends that it was played by James Danderfer, no extra cost for that either,… you’re welcome.

jt2And speaking of big names, my doppelgänger, San Jose’s Joe Thornton is in Vancouver this week playing my home team The Vancouver Canucks; at least, I assume he’s in town to play hockey, all I know is that he’s close,… the doppel-force is strong between us. Who was taken aback by our likeness today?… my plumber. Who was it last week?… some random older guy on the street. Hmm, maybe I’ll walk around in a Thornton jersey after Wednesday’s game and see where it gets me, maybe get on sportsTV and tell viewers about the music which has inspired me all through the season,… James Danderfer records.
Hey, it could save me that trip to Home Depot.

Alright, next SMNP will be here on Saturday! Until then have a great week and thanks for reading! jd1

  • Chops

    Come on man, do you really thing the real Joe Thornton would walk around town with his own jersey on?! If you really want to look like him, get a under armour sports shirts and some $500 jeans and a $1000 dollar pair of shoes. That’s usually how NHL’ers roll.

  • Guy

    And have your front teeth removed.