JD On The Radio… and Podcast “What’s So Funny?”

WSFHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!The Rapture Edition!!

Readers, jazz is funny, or at least lots of fun can be made of it, a fact which was evidenced several weeks ago when I was featured on Guy MacPherson’s 102.7fm radio show “What’s So Funny?”.

I know, I know, I perhaps should have told you all about this before the radio show aired (BAD self-promoting jazz clarinetist, BAD) but the good news is that this show is also a podcast which you can find right here. You can also download it off of iTunes for free.

Renaissance man and host of the show Guy MacPherson usually features top notch funny people (it’s a show about stand up comedy after all) but he kindly made an exception for yours truly in anticipation of my comedy & jazz show a few weeks ago. For the occasion, Guy dug through his archives to find great comics talking about jazz and it was indeed hilarious. So if you like jazz comedy or just want to hear the dulcet tones of Danderfer’s voice then check it out.

Thanks very much to Kevin and Guy for having me, and thanks to you all for reading. Have a great week a happy Rapture! jd