Save The Date: JULY 14th, Exciting JD Surprise Show In Vancouver

hummingbirdIHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, this SMNP is gonna be a quickie. Somebody slept in today, and that somebody has 20 minutes to get changed, fix his bike, and book it across town for my friend Marathon’s annual birthday bike ride around the sea wall. Then off to his post-ride axe throwing bonfire party,… ya know.

Anyways, last night I saw some great music by new band leading sensation Geeta Das, and after the show I was talking to one of the band members who’s music I happen to like quite a bit. However, when I asked him what shows he had coming up that I should go and see,… he didn’t have anything. I mean, he has upcoming gigs, and I’m sure they’ll be good; but they weren’t gigs he was really stoked about.

Now, I don’t know what it’s like to get called as a sideman all the time, but I DO know how important it is to have an upcoming show to really look forward to, not only for your own musical drive but also to have something to tell people about. I’m actually just figuring this out myself. Countless times have I had this conversation with people asking me what I do:

“I’m a professional musician.”

“Oh cool! So where are you playing?”

“Um,… I don’t have anything all that special coming up actually.”

“Oh,… but,… so, how are you a professional musician exactly?”

It could be 6 months away, but it’s really helpful to have something, anything, you’re even kinda pumped about.

And with that, let me tell you about an upcoming show I’m really excited about, a show you won’t want to miss. I’m saving details for next week BUT MARK THIS DAY IN YOUR CALENDAR:

JULY 14th


SOMETHING SPECIAL WILL HAPPEN… courtesy of yours truly.

Gotta run, bike and throw axes now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! jd1 photo

(above picture by April White)

  • Amanda Zhao

    Throw axes? wow,is that a canadian traidition? :-) bloody…what if i throw it backward?