THE HUMMINGBIRD BRIGADE takes flight July 14th

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, excitement is in the air. You can feel it, I can feel it… it’s the jazz festival season. A special time when for one week out of the year everyone miraculously becomes a jazz fan. Beautiful really. And wherever there’s a jazz festival, Danderfer will be found. And by “wherever”, I mean Vancouver. You can find me this Monday, 5:30 pm, at CBC Radio Studio 1 playing with the ever-exciting Victor Noriega quintet,… should be challenging fun! More info here.

But Danderfer doesn’t live in the past, I don’t even live in the ‘next week.’ No sir, I’m always looking ahead at least 2.5 weeks into the future, trying to figure out what the next big thing will be.

Well folks, here it is,… and it is BIG. My New Orleans Brass Band inspired extravaganza has swelled once again to a grand total of 11 members and JULY 14th is the day we bring our sound to the world. And by “the world” I mean, The Cellar Jazz Club. So book your seats here now because something tells me it’s going to be a busy night YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS!

Have a great week and enjoy some music out there! jd1

  • Amanda Zhao

    wow,now you marketing skill is really good! Love your writting!!