Final Recording PASSED, Gig Tomorrow, and then… School of Danderfer perhaps?

corn_field_2_aHello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!


That’s right, JD is damn near good as “masterful.” Come November the official paper should arrive via Owl at my breakfast table, at which point I expect the phone to start ringing incessantly with gig offers… “Danderfer is WHAT?… A master?! Splendid… I must hire this man immediately!”

… or something to that effect.

In other news, I’ll be playing a show this Sunday (tomorrow) from 4-5pm in downtown at St. Andrews-Wesley church as part of their jazz vespers with Rev. Gary Paterson. For more info click here. I’ll be leading a quartet and for a change we’ll be playing jazz standards only, no hot Danderfer tunes; so if you hate my original music, this is the show for you!

Finally readers, I’m at a crossroads now that my work for McGill has finished. Perhaps less of a “crossroads” and more of an “end of the roads“… next to a muddy corn field in the middle of nowhere, hopping up and down to see if there’s another road nearby.

I could and should do something responsible, like look for work. Or,… I could go back to school, and not some accredited legit school; I’m talking about the School of Danderfer. Or maybe, just maybe,… I can have it all.

Details will be unveiled next Saturday.

I know,… it’s exciting.

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great week everybody!

(above photograph by Matthew Hicks)