BRAND ME A WINNER! My New Record Label Enlists INDUSTRIAL BRAND‘s Assistance To Design Logo!

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, there is no denying that I am fast approaching the big time.

Seriously. Stop denying it!

I know this because one of the finest design/branding companies in the land is on-board with Team Danderfer to design the logo for my hot new record label.

I am talking about none other than Industrial Brand, “Where Ideas Work.” And boy have I got some ideas! Namely, that they do all the work.

Now, for the purposes of building anticipation/excitement, I can’t tell you anything about my new record label. Let’s just say that like everything else with Team Danderfer, it’ll be trail-blazing! So trail-blazing that IB lept at the chance to work on it. Well,…perhaps less “leaping” and more of an office-wide slow clap.

Okay, so maybe I had to throw myself at them with blubbering pleas to “make me pretty.” But it doesn’t matter how we got there folks; what matters is,… they’re on board!

And the work begins in my court today with forms to fill out re: what I’m doing with this project. How hard could that be?! I’ll have a look at it right now as a matter of fact…

Let’s see here…
My name?: nailed it.
Address?: touchdown.
# of Employees?: Just 1 baby!
Who are the key audiences I’m talking to?:,… ummmm
Music fans of considerable good taste.

Well, as long as they don’t ask me for a 5, 3, 2, 1-year plan, we should be just fine.

Special thanks to Mark Busse for making this possible and thanks to you all for reading. Stay tuned!