New YouTube video with the trio, Performing at O’Douls December 1st and 2nd

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Morning News Post!

Readers, there just isn’t enough information on the internet. So in the hopes of giving you something to do with all your spare time I’ve put another new video of my trio (shot by Andrew Lavigne) up on a little-known website called YouTube. And by “new” I mean a year and a half old. (In order to keep things fresh I need to wait 8 months between iMovie sessions so I can completely forget how it works.)

And a note to the Apple Computer company, if you’re reading, I was disappointed to see that iMovie doesn’t have a “jazz-face reducer” tool yet, nor does it have a “forehead vein relaxer” tool. I had to turn the colour down to almost black and white just to keep this thing rated PG. COME ON!

Anyways, if you watch the video, you’ll just have to believe that I was enjoying myself. That’s my happy face,… I know it looks a lot like my serious face. It’s subtle. I’m a subtle kinda guy.

Click here to watch the video.

Moving on. Good news for anyone who likes this music and hates paying cover charge. My trio will be performing at O’Douls bar and restaurant (1300 Robson Street) on December 1st and 2nd (that’s a THURSDAY AND FRIDAY) from 8-11.

Since 1996, O’Douls has been a classy yet comfortable place to enjoy live jazz in Vancouver. With local trios performing 3 nights a week and solo pianists 4 nights a week, it has been a consistent venue of quality in the city. The future of O’Douls as a live music venue however, is uncertain at the moment with renovations and other changes coming up in the next few months. The recession has been difficult for most businesses but I sure hope they’re able to keep live music going over there.

With that said, come and join us for some great music on December 1st and 2nd.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the video. Special thanks to Andrew Lavigne for his fine film work. Have a great week!